Friday, April 30, 2010

Morning Surprise

It happen yesterday morning on my way to the train station. I stop a public car, when I want to take a sit, someone put his jacket and blocking my way. I don’t think of anything after he take away the jacket. I just keep bending my head down. Then the person make a sound as if he’s calling me. I turn to see and my smile widening. I know the person!

He’s my childhood crush!

It’s a coincidence to see him, to take the same public car. He’s heading the same place with me, so we walked together [girl mode on: kyaaaaaa!] He’s still the same person I’ve like. He still has the same bass voice, the same smile, the same laugh, he’s getting taller though and I don’t remember him being so talkative. He talks more than I do :) But, I’m happy since I can know more about his life :)

Sadly he take different train with me. I still want to talk with him. I was still in girl mode that time, so I keep watch his back fading away XP He might notice me, but it doesn’t matter. I may not see him on the road like that again. I don’t want to waste the opportunity :)

But I hope I will seeing him on a friend’s wedding party this Saturday :)

Such a great morning surprise. I like it!



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