Monday, April 19, 2010

Kimi’s Turkish adventure: 5th place!!

When I almost scream out for not finding news about Kimi’s result at God damn local newspaper…My frustrations gone along with his shining smile :) I’m so happy seeing him smile, and further more for his result on Turkish Rally.

Kimi finished in 5th place!!! He has improve his positions from the last one at Jordanian rally. Isn’t that fabulous?! Isn’t that awesome?! Isn’t that incredible and amazingly awesome?!! It’s awesome! It’s amazing! It’s his first season at rally, and he can finished in 5th!! Hat’s up for this great man!!

From his words, I can tell he has gain much confident with the rally’s world. I’m so happy and grateful that he’s doing fine there. I’m happy that Kimi’s hard works have finally giving result. I’m glad he’s happy where he is right now. I’m happy everything has turns out to be good for him. I’m glad for you, Kimi. I really am :)

But still, this is just the beginning. The beginning for his new chapter. I’m glad he can start it quite good. I always believe Kimi can make it through. He is a hard worker and never easily giving up. He’s just simply the best!!

As always, thank you for your hard work, Kimi. You always make me proud and amaze. You always make me happy. I will always support you no matter what! I will always love you forever!!

Go Kimi Go! We’re on this together!!

look here

Kimi: “Yes, we are.”


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