Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy & Proud (2)

mi world

Finally…Kimi has score his very first points at Jordanian Rally!! Yey!! Yatta!! His hard work starting to give good result. I’m so happy and proud of him!

So sad I couldn’t watched the race, I know the result from the sport news at TV. I was surprised that time! I can’t believe my ears. The papers doesn’t say anything about it when I check. So at first I was hesitant. But after I check the site…feuh…and then kyaaaaa!!!!! It’s true! Kimi has score points!! 4 points!! Awesome!! Finally he has done it!! Hell yeah!!

I can’t stop smiling after I heard the news, though I wasn’t sure but I choose to keep celebrate it XP Finally Kimi has make his first step. This is just the beginning and I believe the next one will be also giving good result for him :) Hard works never fail!! Go Kimi go!!! I know you can do it. I always know it! You’re the greatest one!!!

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