Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bi or Not to Bi


Bi on the post is stand for Bisexual. And this post was made after a chat with a friend.

KiRai     : “I’ve read somewhere that X is a Bi, while Y is a gay”

Friend   : “Eh? Are you serious?? Is it really true??”

KiRai     : “Yes, that’s true I guess,”

Friend   : “Oh no…why?”

KiRai     : “Is there a problem? I don’t mind at all”

Friend   : “No, I don’t mind either. It’s just I’d only like to see them doing fan service but not expect them to be like that in real life,”

KiRai     : “Oh…”

Her answer surprised me. She likes to see them caring for each other like a lover, doing a fan service, but don’t want them to have it in real life??? I’ really surprised and don’t understand. Well, maybe she was quite shocked with the news so she can’t think what to say :)

For me, it’s really doesn’t matter. Whether the artist is bisexual or gay, it’s not what important for me. I will still like them. My first feel for them is with the music, so as long as their private life doesn’t interfere their quality of music, it’s fine with me.

I even feel amazed when I know that KIRITO (Angelo’s vocalist) has claims that he’s a gay. He’s so brave to make such confession, even though I don’t know whether it’s true or not, I still honor him :)

So to be Bi or’s their choice. It’s their life. As long as their happy, I won’t ever mind. I will also be happy for them :)

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