Friday, April 09, 2010

Beautiful gift from a beautiful one

These beautiful Sakura pictures were taken by my sweet and cute friend Satomi-chan. She has help me viewing the beautiful Sakura in Japan. I wish I was living in Japan, my second home land XP I want to see the Sakuras blooming so beautifully. I want to go on hanami! I want to go on night hanami with Satomi-chan!!

Thank you so much for posting the pictures, dearest Satomi-chan! You’ve make me so happy~~~ I’m happy I have a very kind friend like you. I’ll always cherish you forever!!

And here goes the beauty of Satomi-chan home land.

1. [White Sakura aka Yamazakura]

white sakura

2. [Pink Sakura aka Someiyoshino]

pink sakura

3. [Sakura at Night aka Yozakura]

yozakura sakura at night

4. Sakura at night [2]

night sakura

5. Sakura Carpet (1)

sakura carpet

6. Sakura Carpet (2)

sakura carpet2

So beautiful~~~ Wish someday I could see this beauty by myself~~~

Hontouni doumo arigatou gozaimashita dear Satomi-chan~~~ Daisukiyo!! :)

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