Thursday, April 22, 2010

Angelo: Hikari no Kioku

hikari no kioku cover

Track list:

  1. Hikari no Kioku
  2. Last Song
  3. Rainbow
  4. Hikari no Kioku (Inst.)

“Eh??” That’s my first impression for this latest single album from Angelo, “Hikari no Kioku”. I really completely forget about this band :D So, I was surprised to see new work from them. Gomen ne, Angelo-san :)

My second, “Eh??” come for the songs in this album. The first track, “Hikari no Kioku” is a quite a slow song, so differ with Angelo’s songs I’ve listen. I was surprised Angelo have this kind of song. This song is also the soundtrack for Anime, “Tegami-Bachi”. I can’t say more about the songs in this album. It’s just great! I’ve been listening and put the songs everywhere, computer, iPod, cell phone, and humming it sometimes. Also thanks for this album, now I’ve been wandering inside Angelo’s realm aka Kirito realm (Pierrot & solo works). Just like I’ve said over and over, I always like people with uniquely voice in music. And Kirito-san is one of the voices I like. He really has a unique voice!

p.s. the video can be watch below this blog XP

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