Thursday, March 18, 2010


sid sleep

1. Sleep

2. Utahime

3. Aikagi (Live from SID TOUR 2009 Hikari)

One of the releases I’ve been waiting in early 2010. It’s the 2nd single from SID. “Sleep” is a slow song. Personally, without looking at the translation, this song really can make me fall asleep XD But, just like SID songs, “Sleep” isn’t as slow as I first thought. The tone increase at chorus part, and that’s what makes this song awesome, also it’s so SID XP.

“Utahime” is different with Sleep. It’s an upbeat and cheerful tone. Mao’s voice is great! Again, it’s so SID XD and the last one is “Aikagi” taken from their HIKARI live tour in 2009. I always like the song, but when they play it live, it feels different. It’s a good song and the live version is awesome! It doesn’t feel as slow and sad as the album version. It feels fun! That’s what I really like from SID. Their music makes me feel fun and cheerful :)

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