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SID is (read) SHIDO

I’ve make this writing for some time and I know it’s way too late to post it here. But, it’s my blog anyway, so I can post what ever I want XP Sate, shall I begun?

シド (SID) has recently become one of my favorite artists. I declare now that I like them! At first, I was just cheating on L’Arc~en~Ciel by listening to シド. But now I’ve become to like シド as big as I like L’Arc~en~Ciel (The same case for Yasu with Acid Black Cherry).

The first time I know about シド was when I read the review of the band’s single, Mitsuyubi. They have unique appearances, visual kei, and the first thing that soon interests me was the look of the vocalist, Mao-kun. At the review, シド was acting like in Star Wars movie, and Mao-kun really looks like Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, he’s so cute and pretty like a doll. Even so, I didn’t listen to the single. Then, I saw a pin up of them and the first thought on my mind was, “Aish! Sweet little boy band,” XDD Gomen!!!! I really think that about them!! That’s why I never listen to them since I thought they were a kind of good looking boy band. I realize now how wrong I was! XP And I’ve accept my sentence now that I’ve become to like them so damn much!

Although I never listen to シド after my wrong assumption, the impression stayed on my mind. Once I listen to one of their song and quite giggles with Mao’s voice. According to a friend, his voice was like a cold shivering voice after taking a cold bath (the same thing he said about Gackt’s voice XD). It doesn’t impress me that much. Until I listen to their latest and major album, HIKARI. I fall in to them as fast as snipping fingers.

And here is the band short history. I copy paste it from the kind Wikipedia XP

[ シド (SID) first came together in 2003, when Mao recruited Aki after seeing him play live. He later recruited Yuuya and Shinji from their respective bands to work with SID part-time as support, and it wasn't until early next year (2004/01/14, making 1/14 the band's official anniversary) that they chose to remain with SID as official members, leaving the band with a full and lasting lineup.

The band started off small, but not without a certain charming flair. Where most bandmen handed out fliers, they also used megaphones as a means of personal promotion. Despite having only a small collection of songs to offer, they worked relentlessly to produce more. Their releases varied widely in style and composition, and the band made it an obvious goal to appeal to a broad audience - a plan which obviously worked. SID grew rapidly in their initial years, at a rate which surprised numerous publications and notoriously earned them the title "the monster band of the indie scene". (I like this title XD).

SID signed first with Danger Crue records, working with Yasunori Sakurazawa, who aided in the arrangement of many of their early songs. Before long, even at their then indie status, SID began charting with major releases on Oricon and successfully selling out numerous large venues, Budokan among them. They stood out from their peers with their ever-changing sound and the ease with which they could shift between styles, a characteristic that could describe few other visual kei bands. Their major debut concert was held on November 2nd, 2008 at Nippon Budokan - selling out in under three minutes - and following a final indie tour held within standing live halls all throughout Japan.

Since their major debut, SID have gone on to release three new singles under Sony, the most recent of which (嘘 [Uso]) ranked in at second on Oricon and landed them a spot on the popular show Music Station for the first time. The song has also been adopted as the first ending to the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Their first major album, 「hikari」, was released on July 1st, 2009, and will serve as the primary set list for what will be their largest tour to date. They have announced that there will be a new single out on 11 November called 'One Way'.]

The line up:

シド Albums

  • [2004.12.22] Renai (憐哀 -レンアイ)
  • [2005.11.16] Hoshi no Miyako (星の都) # 26
  • [2006.11.08] play
  • [2008.02.20] Sentimental Macchiato (センチメンタルマキアート)
  • [2008.08.13] Side B complete collection ~e.B~
  • [2009.07.01] hikari

Last note: I really recommended this band. After listening Hikari, I really feel the difference with their indie albums. The indie albums are darker, but then I like every single of the albums. I don’t know their precisely music genre, some said J-Rock, J-Pop, but I most agree with Jazz. I think their strong genre is in Jazzy rock; even so they still can remarkably mix each genre into a really good music. I never like Jazz music, it’s heavy for me. But, thanks to シド, I’ve become to like it, at least with シド Jazzy music. Go シド!!!

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