Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Satsuki: “the moon prince”

The title doesn’t have anything to do with Satsuki-san last single, “MOON SPIRAL”. I’ve just made up the labeled recently. Somehow I think that Satsuki-san voice is the voice of the moon.

I can’t explain it well though.

Each time I listen to his voice, it feels like seeing the moon shining in the dark night. The moon has a strong but gentle light, shining to everything below it. It’s shine so elegantly. Since everything around is dark, so the shining moon can be clearly seen. It feels cold but also warm, mysterious, deep, majestic. Sigh…I really can’t describe it quite good >_<  But it’s really what I feel for his voice.

Maybe it helps if I put one of his songs here. But I don’t know how and also I’m to lazy to trouble my self to find out the way XP

Oh well, I just want to officially introduce the labeled I give for Satsuki-san. And so, here he is, Satsuki-san, the moon prince.


moon prince (the moon prince is visiting the earth XP)

moon angel (the moon angel)

baeutiful prince (the prince is taking a rest XP)

the prince (the prince with flower)

angel (the moon angel)

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