Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Monster without a Name

Last week I was quite stressed, with works, with home, with friends, with the people. I was stressed with the world XD
I've found out how stressed I was through a chat with a friend. We have a chat about Kid's story, she's telling me about the story and I keep making the scary version of it XP

Friend: "The story is about a thin monster who become fat because he can't stop eating. The monster (Marty) live with a granny. One day, Marty was feeling hungry,"
Me: "So he ate the granny?"
Friend: *laugh and continue the story* "Then the granny cook lots of food for Marty, but Marty was still feeling hungry,"
Me: "So he ate the granny and then with a full stomach he said, 'Granny..I'm full now. Granny? Granny?"
Friend: *laugh*
Me: "What's the hell happen with me?""
Friend: *laugh* "I'm also wondering are you really children book editor,"


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