Monday, March 22, 2010

Fruits (Manhwa)

The manhwa doesn’t give great impression at my first sight. I thought it was another love story manhwa, especially with the word, “fruit”. I imagine what kind of story that using the image of fruits that has many different kind and taste. I decide not to look at it.

But, the covers surely draw my attention. The colors and drawings are so soft and gentle, the same impression I get with Shigeru Takao works that I love the most. And the story inside was quite good, well some are just ordinary, but they do give me soft and gentle impression. Maybe it’s because the fruits?

I really recommended this one for those whose feeling stressed. I hope after read the stories, the stressed feeling will be gone and replace by warm and enjoyable feeling, just like what I’ve felt J

This manhwa is a 3 volume manhwa by Kim Euy-Joong.

Different with the drama, I more likely to accept Korean comic (manhwa) XP

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