Friday, March 12, 2010

Crucify My Love (Lyric)



Crucify my love
If my love is blind
Crucify my love
If it sets me free
Never know Never trust
" That love should see a color "
Crucify my love
If it should be that way

Swing the heartache
Feel it inside out
When the wind cries
I'll say good-bye
Tried to learn tried to find
To reach out for eternity
Where's the answer
Is this forever

Like a river flowing to the sea
You'll be miles away and I will know
I know I can deal with the pain
No reason to cry

Till the loneliness shadows the sky
I'll be sailing down and I will know
I know I can clear clouds away
Oh is it a crime to love

P.S. A very sweet-gentle-and touching song. It also has deep meaning. “Crucify my love…if it’s should be that way…”

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