Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Changing

On Saturday, March 27th, 2010, my friend since childhood, DEVI, has officially become a married woman. I’m quite surprised! First of all, she inform me just one day before the wedding ceremony. I read her message in the morning and it successfully waken me up XP I don’t expect to have such kind of shock in the morning. It felt all of sudden.

I’m happy for her. But I’m also feeling sad. Devi has been one of my longest friend. We have spend so much time together during our school times. Her appearance doesn’t change that much from her elementary days XD But, her inside personalities surely change. I used to call her with “Kecil”, since she’s so tiny and cute hehehe..and now that little girl has become a big and mature lady. She has making her steep into next stage of life. Seeing her wearing the wedding dress make me feel like a mother bird who has just let my children fly away from our comfort nest…


I guess life does changing and I might be the only one who isn’t XP My age has stop at 23, since then I don’t feel I’ve grew older. My friends do…also people around me..only me who still the same. Wonder why??

One by one my friends has get married, having children, become a father, become a mother, become a family. I’m just still the same. A single fighter with a double fighter life XDD Well, I already become “family woman” since a long time. Been there and really don’t want to experience it all over again, especially by my self.

I guess it will feel lonely when I’m the last one left. But, I’ve decide it. I want to live my life the way I want it. My friends hasn’t know this. My family think I’m joking. They would be very surprised when they know it’s for real XP Wonder when that time arrive?

Yeah, change do happen, even to me. I just can hide it very well from the people :)

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