Thursday, March 04, 2010

[BLESS] L’Arc~en~Ciel


Track list:

1. Bless

2. Bless -concerto-

3. Route666 -2010-

4. Bless (hydeless version)

5. Route666 -2010- (T.E.Z. P’UNKless version)

Again, it’s a very late review. This new single from L’Arc~en~Ciel, [BLESS] has been released on January 27th, 2010. But, I’ve just receive the CD even though I’ve pre order it quite long.

Anyway, I still have the same opinion about the song from the first time I’ve listen it. It’s so beautiful! Again, L’Arc~en~Ciel has make another great music, and here comes my review.

BLESS is the official theme for NHK Vancouver Winter Olympic Broadcast. The song really fit the theme, winter and spirit of competition. It’s really inspiring for the athletes competing there, also for the people who watch it. Even for myself who doesn’t know anything about the event, could become so touch and move when I listen to the song. Next song is a concert version, BLESS –concerto- (reminds me to a name of an ice cream XP), it’s the concert version of Bless, fill with instrumental playing and without song. It makes the song more beautiful and feels gentle. The third song is a cover from one of L’Arc~en~Ciel old song, Route 666 by P’UNK~en~Ciel. It’s such an energizing song just like P’UNK~en~Ciel always do. They still keep some few things from the old version, so the two versions aren’t so that different. The fourth and fifth track is the voiceless version of Bless and Route 666.

The video is also great, really suit the song, and really feel beautiful, gentle, warm, moved, and inspiring. It reminds me of Shine but with a slower beat. And also one of the best parts is the CD’s illustrations. It uses falling flowers as it cover and inside there are an image of a little girl flying a flower to the sky. It’s so sweet! There’s also the same red flower with 7 petals as the CD image, and as the DVD image is the 2010 pose from the band, it’s awesome and make me almost scream!

It feels so great to see them back together again, though it’s just for temporary. I’m really glad and happy to see all 4 of them together again. It feels like ages from the last time I saw them XP Overall, the song is beautiful, but I just wish they would release new album instead of a single. I will absolutely waiting for that, and for now on I will just sway myself with the gentleness of Bless, to feel them caressing me XP

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