Friday, March 19, 2010

[about] Satsuki


My first thought for Satsuki was a band’s name. A woman with long hair was use as one of his CD image cover. I think the woman was him *I’m myopic XP*

As always I haven’t listen quite well for him and so he just went by like the passing wind XP

Then, after some time, I decided to try “Moon Spiral”, the latest single from him. I quickly amazed and enchanted by his voice. Then goes “Crystal” and “Awake”, my mind doesn’t change. Satsuki-san really has a remarkable voice, and along with the music, everything becomes amazing! Finally, I place Satsuki-san as one of my favorite vocalist.

Satsuki-san formerly was the vocalist of an indie band, “RENTRER EN SOI”. But, I don’t quite catch his voice in the band. I only like one song from the band, “Stigmata”. I more like him doing the solo XP Satsuki-san’s voice is the mix between Yasu-san’s voices in high tone and also Mao-kun’s vibrate voice in normal tone XP. I can’t describe it quite well, but each time I listen to Satsuki-san’s voice, I just remember of Yasu-san and Mao-kun XP

Even so, Satsuki-san is Satsuki-san. He’s different with Yasu-san or Mao-kun. Each of them have their own specialty and typical voice. I like them all. I’ve place Satsuki-san on my favorite list and will be waiting for his next work.

Satsuki’s 1st story: Awake [09.05.2009]


1. La Lune

2. Veil of Maria

3. Awake

4. In a Lucid Dream

Satsuki’s 2nd story: Crystal [21.08.2009]


1. Crystal

2. Rain Drop

3. Heart

4. Dazzle

Satsuki’s 3rd story: Moon Spiral [14.02.2010]

moon spiral

1. Moon Spiral

2. Pray for The Sun

3. You

4. Closs of Yellow

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