Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[About] Nemuri Hime

It all started on Wednesday morning. A SMS came telling me that my friend, odie, was ill and had been hospitalized. She was having lung infection, and her condition at that moment was already bad. Then at noon, I was informed that she was taken to ICU, unconscious, and in critical condition. Family and friends has told each other to forgive every mistake she has or maybe had done. Everybody seems to be hopeless with her condition and prepared for the worst thing.

I can’t do that.

I’m praying day and night for her, while I was working, while I was listening to music; I pray in every minute, in every second, in every single of my breath. I think and talk to her inside my mind. I greet her in anytime I can. I greet her good morning and good night. I whispered her name before I go to sleep. I talk to her inside my mind and encourage her for never give up.

I pray to Allah to heal her, to make her healthy again, and become what she used to be. I beg Allah not to take her away from me.

Nemuri hime…okiruyo..onegaishimasu…

Now, she has got her conscious back, but hadn’t fully recovered.

She’s still being treated inside ICU chamber. But, it’s surely happy to see her eyes open and looking at me. She recognized me when I enter the room. It’s surely happy to hold her warmth living hand instead of holding her cold hand before. I might cry in front of her, but I choose to smile. I can’t cry. I just can’t. Furthermore, I don’t want to make her sad by seeing me crying.

I smile to her; I hope she can see the happy eyes I have when looking at her. I hope she can feel me when I was holding her hands. I’ve held her cold hand before, just to make my heat flows to her body. Stopping her to go to that bright place people see when they’re dying. I beg her not to go there, maybe its warm place, but it’s not as warm as the place where everybody who loved her live. It’s not the place I’m living with her.

Now and on, I haven’t stopped my prayers for her to be healthy again. I still greet and talk to her inside my mind. I want to see her again; I want to be beside her day and night, talking to her, holding her hand tightly. But, I’ve works to do. Even so, I never will forget about her. Every day, I’m sending my love and thought to her, so she can feel me close by. I keep praying for her to be fully recovered and could be together again with all the people who love her.

I may not be the prince who would save and awaken the sleeping beauty. But, I’m the gardener who will always guard the princess in her waiting for the prince. I’ll be the one who watch her from far away, but she can always feel me around.

My sleeping princess…please be well.

Ya Allah…The Mightiest of all..Thank You so much!

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