Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Satsuki: “the moon prince”

The title doesn’t have anything to do with Satsuki-san last single, “MOON SPIRAL”. I’ve just made up the labeled recently. Somehow I think that Satsuki-san voice is the voice of the moon.

I can’t explain it well though.

Each time I listen to his voice, it feels like seeing the moon shining in the dark night. The moon has a strong but gentle light, shining to everything below it. It’s shine so elegantly. Since everything around is dark, so the shining moon can be clearly seen. It feels cold but also warm, mysterious, deep, majestic. Sigh…I really can’t describe it quite good >_<  But it’s really what I feel for his voice.

Maybe it helps if I put one of his songs here. But I don’t know how and also I’m to lazy to trouble my self to find out the way XP

Oh well, I just want to officially introduce the labeled I give for Satsuki-san. And so, here he is, Satsuki-san, the moon prince.


moon prince (the moon prince is visiting the earth XP)

moon angel (the moon angel)

baeutiful prince (the prince is taking a rest XP)

the prince (the prince with flower)

angel (the moon angel)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Changing

On Saturday, March 27th, 2010, my friend since childhood, DEVI, has officially become a married woman. I’m quite surprised! First of all, she inform me just one day before the wedding ceremony. I read her message in the morning and it successfully waken me up XP I don’t expect to have such kind of shock in the morning. It felt all of sudden.

I’m happy for her. But I’m also feeling sad. Devi has been one of my longest friend. We have spend so much time together during our school times. Her appearance doesn’t change that much from her elementary days XD But, her inside personalities surely change. I used to call her with “Kecil”, since she’s so tiny and cute hehehe..and now that little girl has become a big and mature lady. She has making her steep into next stage of life. Seeing her wearing the wedding dress make me feel like a mother bird who has just let my children fly away from our comfort nest…


I guess life does changing and I might be the only one who isn’t XP My age has stop at 23, since then I don’t feel I’ve grew older. My friends do…also people around me..only me who still the same. Wonder why??

One by one my friends has get married, having children, become a father, become a mother, become a family. I’m just still the same. A single fighter with a double fighter life XDD Well, I already become “family woman” since a long time. Been there and really don’t want to experience it all over again, especially by my self.

I guess it will feel lonely when I’m the last one left. But, I’ve decide it. I want to live my life the way I want it. My friends hasn’t know this. My family think I’m joking. They would be very surprised when they know it’s for real XP Wonder when that time arrive?

Yeah, change do happen, even to me. I just can hide it very well from the people :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Strange Playlist

This are my lately playlist:





Kamenashi Kazuya



Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Phil Collins

See something strange?? XP

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Could It Be Any Harder (lyric)

“Could It Be Any Harder”

by The Calling

You left me with goodbye and open arms
A cut so deep I don't deserve
You were always invincible in my eyes
the only thing against us now is time

Could it be any harder to say goodbye and without you,
Could it be any harder to watch you go, to face what's true
If I only had one more day
I lie down and blind myself with laughter
A quick fix of hope is what I'm needing
And now i wish that i could turn back the hours
But i know i just don't have the power

I'd jump at the chance
We'd drink and we'd dance
And I'd listen close to your every word,
As if its your last, I know its your last,
Cause today, oh, you're gone

Like sand on my feet
The smell of sweet perfume
You stick to me forever,baby
and I wish you didn't go,
I wish you didn't go
I wish you didn't go away
To touch you again,
With life in your hands
It couldn't be any harder

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SID is (read) SHIDO

I’ve make this writing for some time and I know it’s way too late to post it here. But, it’s my blog anyway, so I can post what ever I want XP Sate, shall I begun?

シド (SID) has recently become one of my favorite artists. I declare now that I like them! At first, I was just cheating on L’Arc~en~Ciel by listening to シド. But now I’ve become to like シド as big as I like L’Arc~en~Ciel (The same case for Yasu with Acid Black Cherry).

The first time I know about シド was when I read the review of the band’s single, Mitsuyubi. They have unique appearances, visual kei, and the first thing that soon interests me was the look of the vocalist, Mao-kun. At the review, シド was acting like in Star Wars movie, and Mao-kun really looks like Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, he’s so cute and pretty like a doll. Even so, I didn’t listen to the single. Then, I saw a pin up of them and the first thought on my mind was, “Aish! Sweet little boy band,” XDD Gomen!!!! I really think that about them!! That’s why I never listen to them since I thought they were a kind of good looking boy band. I realize now how wrong I was! XP And I’ve accept my sentence now that I’ve become to like them so damn much!

Although I never listen to シド after my wrong assumption, the impression stayed on my mind. Once I listen to one of their song and quite giggles with Mao’s voice. According to a friend, his voice was like a cold shivering voice after taking a cold bath (the same thing he said about Gackt’s voice XD). It doesn’t impress me that much. Until I listen to their latest and major album, HIKARI. I fall in to them as fast as snipping fingers.

And here is the band short history. I copy paste it from the kind Wikipedia XP

[ シド (SID) first came together in 2003, when Mao recruited Aki after seeing him play live. He later recruited Yuuya and Shinji from their respective bands to work with SID part-time as support, and it wasn't until early next year (2004/01/14, making 1/14 the band's official anniversary) that they chose to remain with SID as official members, leaving the band with a full and lasting lineup.

The band started off small, but not without a certain charming flair. Where most bandmen handed out fliers, they also used megaphones as a means of personal promotion. Despite having only a small collection of songs to offer, they worked relentlessly to produce more. Their releases varied widely in style and composition, and the band made it an obvious goal to appeal to a broad audience - a plan which obviously worked. SID grew rapidly in their initial years, at a rate which surprised numerous publications and notoriously earned them the title "the monster band of the indie scene". (I like this title XD).

SID signed first with Danger Crue records, working with Yasunori Sakurazawa, who aided in the arrangement of many of their early songs. Before long, even at their then indie status, SID began charting with major releases on Oricon and successfully selling out numerous large venues, Budokan among them. They stood out from their peers with their ever-changing sound and the ease with which they could shift between styles, a characteristic that could describe few other visual kei bands. Their major debut concert was held on November 2nd, 2008 at Nippon Budokan - selling out in under three minutes - and following a final indie tour held within standing live halls all throughout Japan.

Since their major debut, SID have gone on to release three new singles under Sony, the most recent of which (嘘 [Uso]) ranked in at second on Oricon and landed them a spot on the popular show Music Station for the first time. The song has also been adopted as the first ending to the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Their first major album, 「hikari」, was released on July 1st, 2009, and will serve as the primary set list for what will be their largest tour to date. They have announced that there will be a new single out on 11 November called 'One Way'.]

The line up:

シド Albums

  • [2004.12.22] Renai (憐哀 -レンアイ)
  • [2005.11.16] Hoshi no Miyako (星の都) # 26
  • [2006.11.08] play
  • [2008.02.20] Sentimental Macchiato (センチメンタルマキアート)
  • [2008.08.13] Side B complete collection ~e.B~
  • [2009.07.01] hikari

Last note: I really recommended this band. After listening Hikari, I really feel the difference with their indie albums. The indie albums are darker, but then I like every single of the albums. I don’t know their precisely music genre, some said J-Rock, J-Pop, but I most agree with Jazz. I think their strong genre is in Jazzy rock; even so they still can remarkably mix each genre into a really good music. I never like Jazz music, it’s heavy for me. But, thanks to シド, I’ve become to like it, at least with シド Jazzy music. Go シド!!!

shido new

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[About] Nemuri Hime

It all started on Wednesday morning. A SMS came telling me that my friend, odie, was ill and had been hospitalized. She was having lung infection, and her condition at that moment was already bad. Then at noon, I was informed that she was taken to ICU, unconscious, and in critical condition. Family and friends has told each other to forgive every mistake she has or maybe had done. Everybody seems to be hopeless with her condition and prepared for the worst thing.

I can’t do that.

I’m praying day and night for her, while I was working, while I was listening to music; I pray in every minute, in every second, in every single of my breath. I think and talk to her inside my mind. I greet her in anytime I can. I greet her good morning and good night. I whispered her name before I go to sleep. I talk to her inside my mind and encourage her for never give up.

I pray to Allah to heal her, to make her healthy again, and become what she used to be. I beg Allah not to take her away from me.

Nemuri hime…okiruyo..onegaishimasu…

Now, she has got her conscious back, but hadn’t fully recovered.

She’s still being treated inside ICU chamber. But, it’s surely happy to see her eyes open and looking at me. She recognized me when I enter the room. It’s surely happy to hold her warmth living hand instead of holding her cold hand before. I might cry in front of her, but I choose to smile. I can’t cry. I just can’t. Furthermore, I don’t want to make her sad by seeing me crying.

I smile to her; I hope she can see the happy eyes I have when looking at her. I hope she can feel me when I was holding her hands. I’ve held her cold hand before, just to make my heat flows to her body. Stopping her to go to that bright place people see when they’re dying. I beg her not to go there, maybe its warm place, but it’s not as warm as the place where everybody who loved her live. It’s not the place I’m living with her.

Now and on, I haven’t stopped my prayers for her to be healthy again. I still greet and talk to her inside my mind. I want to see her again; I want to be beside her day and night, talking to her, holding her hand tightly. But, I’ve works to do. Even so, I never will forget about her. Every day, I’m sending my love and thought to her, so she can feel me close by. I keep praying for her to be fully recovered and could be together again with all the people who love her.

I may not be the prince who would save and awaken the sleeping beauty. But, I’m the gardener who will always guard the princess in her waiting for the prince. I’ll be the one who watch her from far away, but she can always feel me around.

My sleeping princess…please be well.

Ya Allah…The Mightiest of all..Thank You so much!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fruits (Manhwa)

The manhwa doesn’t give great impression at my first sight. I thought it was another love story manhwa, especially with the word, “fruit”. I imagine what kind of story that using the image of fruits that has many different kind and taste. I decide not to look at it.

But, the covers surely draw my attention. The colors and drawings are so soft and gentle, the same impression I get with Shigeru Takao works that I love the most. And the story inside was quite good, well some are just ordinary, but they do give me soft and gentle impression. Maybe it’s because the fruits?

I really recommended this one for those whose feeling stressed. I hope after read the stories, the stressed feeling will be gone and replace by warm and enjoyable feeling, just like what I’ve felt J

This manhwa is a 3 volume manhwa by Kim Euy-Joong.

Different with the drama, I more likely to accept Korean comic (manhwa) XP

Friday, March 19, 2010

[about] Satsuki


My first thought for Satsuki was a band’s name. A woman with long hair was use as one of his CD image cover. I think the woman was him *I’m myopic XP*

As always I haven’t listen quite well for him and so he just went by like the passing wind XP

Then, after some time, I decided to try “Moon Spiral”, the latest single from him. I quickly amazed and enchanted by his voice. Then goes “Crystal” and “Awake”, my mind doesn’t change. Satsuki-san really has a remarkable voice, and along with the music, everything becomes amazing! Finally, I place Satsuki-san as one of my favorite vocalist.

Satsuki-san formerly was the vocalist of an indie band, “RENTRER EN SOI”. But, I don’t quite catch his voice in the band. I only like one song from the band, “Stigmata”. I more like him doing the solo XP Satsuki-san’s voice is the mix between Yasu-san’s voices in high tone and also Mao-kun’s vibrate voice in normal tone XP. I can’t describe it quite well, but each time I listen to Satsuki-san’s voice, I just remember of Yasu-san and Mao-kun XP

Even so, Satsuki-san is Satsuki-san. He’s different with Yasu-san or Mao-kun. Each of them have their own specialty and typical voice. I like them all. I’ve place Satsuki-san on my favorite list and will be waiting for his next work.

Satsuki’s 1st story: Awake [09.05.2009]


1. La Lune

2. Veil of Maria

3. Awake

4. In a Lucid Dream

Satsuki’s 2nd story: Crystal [21.08.2009]


1. Crystal

2. Rain Drop

3. Heart

4. Dazzle

Satsuki’s 3rd story: Moon Spiral [14.02.2010]

moon spiral

1. Moon Spiral

2. Pray for The Sun

3. You

4. Closs of Yellow

Thursday, March 18, 2010


sid sleep

1. Sleep

2. Utahime

3. Aikagi (Live from SID TOUR 2009 Hikari)

One of the releases I’ve been waiting in early 2010. It’s the 2nd single from SID. “Sleep” is a slow song. Personally, without looking at the translation, this song really can make me fall asleep XD But, just like SID songs, “Sleep” isn’t as slow as I first thought. The tone increase at chorus part, and that’s what makes this song awesome, also it’s so SID XP.

“Utahime” is different with Sleep. It’s an upbeat and cheerful tone. Mao’s voice is great! Again, it’s so SID XD and the last one is “Aikagi” taken from their HIKARI live tour in 2009. I always like the song, but when they play it live, it feels different. It’s a good song and the live version is awesome! It doesn’t feel as slow and sad as the album version. It feels fun! That’s what I really like from SID. Their music makes me feel fun and cheerful :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Versailles: “JUBILEE”


  1. God Palace -Method of Inheritance-
  2. Ascendead Master
  3. Rosen Schwert
  4. 愛と哀しみのノクターン (Ai to kanashimi no nokutaan)
  5. Amorphous
  6. Reminiscence
  7. Catharsis
  8. The Umbrella of Glass
  9. 月下香 (Gekkakou)
  10. PRINCESS -Revival of church-
  11. Serenade
  12. Sound in Gate

One of the albums I’ve been waiting for the release this year. I finally had listened to it, Jubilee from Versailles. I think it’s a crucial project for them, since they’ve been working on it before Jasmine You passed away. And for the finishing, Hizaki plays the additional bass. He’s such a talented person indeed.

I like 3 songs from this album. They are my most favorites: Amorphous – The Umbrella of Glass – Serenade. The key word is violin. I really like the violin sound on those three songs. The Serenade video really a touching one, it’s a soft and gentle video. I could feel the memories of Jasmine You on the song and video. It was surely a big lost for them.

I don’t feel too much excited with this album, somehow the music has become soften. It’s quite different with, “Ascendead Master” album. But, still my big appreciation for them :D They do have great music, and maybe it’s because it’s for the first time they go Major. I’ve heard that it’s the consequences of going Major. The band has to follow several rules, including the way of the music. Even so, I do wishes the best for Versailles and will always like their music; furthermore they ARE one of the sounds in my life :)

Versailles JUBILEE

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nemuri Hime (Lyric)

Lyrics & Music by Yasunori Hayashi

Itsumo kimi ga kureta egao de sukoshi tsuyoku nareta
Mou ichido waratte misete

Ne nagai matsuge senaka made aru kami kirei da yo
Ne warau to dekiru [EKUBO] to yaeba yake ni itoshii yo
Ne yasashii hitomi no oku ni aru kokoro ni furetai yo
Ne ano hi nagashita namida no wake (riyuu) wo ima mo shiritai yo

Kimi no koe wo sukoshi kikasete...kimi ga miteru keshiki wo misete

Itsumo kimi ga kureta egao de sukoshi tsuyoku nareta
"Aishiteru yo" tte iu tabi yorokobu kao ga daisuki datta
Bokutachi ga itsuka mata umarekawatte
Deau kiseki yori mo kimi to no ima ga taisetsu nan da
Mou ichido waratte misete

Ne taiyou no kaori ga suru kara sukoshi mado wo akeru ne
Ne nani mo shite agerarenai kedo kono te wa hanasanai yo

Kikoeru kai? Boku wa koko ni iru...kanjiru kai? Sugu soba ni iru yo

Itsumo kimi ga kureta egao de sukoshi tsuyoku nareta
Kondo wa boku ga kimi no egao sakasete agetai
Bokutachi ga ichiban suki datta kotoba de
"Aishiteru yo" tte iu tabi namida misechaikenai yo ne

Toomawari shite mo ii kara
Kimi ga kureta egao de sukoshi tsuyoku nareta
Nando datte te wo totte "Aishiteru aishiteru aishiteru yo" tte
Mou ichido waratte misete

Ne nagai matsuge senaka made aru kami kirei da yo
Ne yawaraka na kaze wo matou kimi ga sukoshi waratte mieta yo
Kimi no koe wo sukoshi kikasete...kimi no koe wo sukoshi kikasete


Sleeping Beauty

Lyrics & Music by Yasunori Hayashi

With the smile you always gave to me, I was able to become a little stronger
Show me your laugh once more

Hey, your long eyelashes, your hair that falls down your back, it's beautiful
Hey, the dimples that appear when you laugh, and your crowded front teeth, really are adorable
Hey, I want to touch the heart reflected in the depths of your gentle eyes
Hey, I still want to know now the reason for the tears you cried that day

Let me hear your voice just a me the world you're seeing

With the smile you always gave to me, I was able to become a little stronger
I loved the joy in your face when you said "I love you"
More than the miracle of the two of us being reborn someday and meeting again
The time I have with you now is special
Show me your laugh once more

Hey, since the fragrance of the sunlight is coming in, I'll open the window a little, okay?
Hey, even though I can do nothing for you, don't let go of my hand

Can you hear me? I'm right here... Can you feel me? I'm right here with you

With the smile you always gave to me, I was able to become a little stronger
This time, I want to be the one to make your smile bloom
With the words we loved most of all
When I say "I love you", I can't cry, right?
Since it's okay for me to show it in a roundabout way

With the smile you gave to me, I was able to become a little stronger
How many times did you take my hand, saying, "I love you, I love you, I love you"
Show me your laugh once more

Hey, your long eyelashes, your hair that falls down your back, it's beautiful
Hey, I could see you embraced by the wind, a slight smile on your face

Let me hear your voice just a little...let me hear your voice just a little

p.s. Nemuri hime…okiruyo..onegaishimasu….

Friday, March 12, 2010

Crucify My Love (Lyric)



Crucify my love
If my love is blind
Crucify my love
If it sets me free
Never know Never trust
" That love should see a color "
Crucify my love
If it should be that way

Swing the heartache
Feel it inside out
When the wind cries
I'll say good-bye
Tried to learn tried to find
To reach out for eternity
Where's the answer
Is this forever

Like a river flowing to the sea
You'll be miles away and I will know
I know I can deal with the pain
No reason to cry

Till the loneliness shadows the sky
I'll be sailing down and I will know
I know I can clear clouds away
Oh is it a crime to love

P.S. A very sweet-gentle-and touching song. It also has deep meaning. “Crucify my love…if it’s should be that way…”

Sunday, March 07, 2010

The sound of my life

I love music. Maybe I can’t get through a day without feeling annoyed if I don’t have music to listen. I like to hear many kind of music, as long as it sounds good to my ears :) And the music I love the most is Japanese music, especially the bands.

My one most favorite band is L’Arc~en~Ciel. Even though there’s days when I didn’t listen to their songs, but in the end I would actually falls to them again and the feeling is like when I fall for them in the first time.

And anyway, I’ve also been listening to many bands and music, and I’ve found few that interest and become my favorites. Beside L’Arc~en~Ciel, they are the ones that I’ve been listening to quite often. Each bands has it’s own kind and genre that I can’t judge which one is great. Everyone is great! Everyone has it’s own specialty and greatness. So, what I can do is just categorized them to suit my needs.

Here goes…

Music for everyday is L’Arc~en~Ciel.


Music when feeling stressed is Acid Black Cherry (Yasu).



Music for fun is SID (read SHIDO).



and music for late at night is Versailles.


That’s the music I’ve been listening lately and become the soundtrack of my life.

But, though it’s different thing…there’s only one ultimate sound for my life..the sound I will always love the most..the sound I will always listen..the sound I will always need..the sound I will always miss…the sound from Kimi Raikkonen :)


Friday, March 05, 2010


One of my nephew, Jupe, has shown the same interest with me for Japanese Music, especially Japanese Rock Music, which this quite surprising me.

The first Japanese Music he heard was from L’Arc~en~Ciel. He really like “Ready Steady Go” with its drum’s beat. “It’s awesome,” said him. Even so, he keeps questioned hyde’s appearances that look like a girl. When I told that hyde’s age was around late 30s (that time), “No way!!” objected him. When he listening to hyde’s voice or seeing hyde’s shake, “His face like a girl but has a voice of a man, how can that be?” My mistake was I can’t say anything much that time. But, now I don’t need to say anything. He has become L’Arc~en~Ciel fans XD At first he’s quietly been listening the songs, and when I noticed him, he’s just smile and said, “What?” Now, both of us often listening to L’Arc~en~Ciel songs together.

Then 2 weeks before, I was writing on my laptop and listening to “Serenade” by Versailles. He become interested and wants to know who sings it. I have the video but was worried he won’t like it, since its Visual Kei, another new thing I must introduce to him. But, I shown him the video anyway and just like I expected, he was quite surprised. His first question was, “Is that a man or a woman?” pointed at Hizaki. I said, “Of course it’s a man!”, “But, don’t look at his appearances; it’s just costume, look at his ability,” Somehow my words worked out and I found him listening to Versailles without me being around XP the songs have also been uploaded to his mp3.

And the last one, his sister, Nida, has hummed “Uso” from SID which I use as my cell phone ringtone XDD

Ah…My successor has been born day by day XDD

tiitus n justus

Thursday, March 04, 2010

[BLESS] L’Arc~en~Ciel


Track list:

1. Bless

2. Bless -concerto-

3. Route666 -2010-

4. Bless (hydeless version)

5. Route666 -2010- (T.E.Z. P’UNKless version)

Again, it’s a very late review. This new single from L’Arc~en~Ciel, [BLESS] has been released on January 27th, 2010. But, I’ve just receive the CD even though I’ve pre order it quite long.

Anyway, I still have the same opinion about the song from the first time I’ve listen it. It’s so beautiful! Again, L’Arc~en~Ciel has make another great music, and here comes my review.

BLESS is the official theme for NHK Vancouver Winter Olympic Broadcast. The song really fit the theme, winter and spirit of competition. It’s really inspiring for the athletes competing there, also for the people who watch it. Even for myself who doesn’t know anything about the event, could become so touch and move when I listen to the song. Next song is a concert version, BLESS –concerto- (reminds me to a name of an ice cream XP), it’s the concert version of Bless, fill with instrumental playing and without song. It makes the song more beautiful and feels gentle. The third song is a cover from one of L’Arc~en~Ciel old song, Route 666 by P’UNK~en~Ciel. It’s such an energizing song just like P’UNK~en~Ciel always do. They still keep some few things from the old version, so the two versions aren’t so that different. The fourth and fifth track is the voiceless version of Bless and Route 666.

The video is also great, really suit the song, and really feel beautiful, gentle, warm, moved, and inspiring. It reminds me of Shine but with a slower beat. And also one of the best parts is the CD’s illustrations. It uses falling flowers as it cover and inside there are an image of a little girl flying a flower to the sky. It’s so sweet! There’s also the same red flower with 7 petals as the CD image, and as the DVD image is the 2010 pose from the band, it’s awesome and make me almost scream!

It feels so great to see them back together again, though it’s just for temporary. I’m really glad and happy to see all 4 of them together again. It feels like ages from the last time I saw them XP Overall, the song is beautiful, but I just wish they would release new album instead of a single. I will absolutely waiting for that, and for now on I will just sway myself with the gentleness of Bless, to feel them caressing me XP

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Monster without a Name

Last week I was quite stressed, with works, with home, with friends, with the people. I was stressed with the world XD
I've found out how stressed I was through a chat with a friend. We have a chat about Kid's story, she's telling me about the story and I keep making the scary version of it XP

Friend: "The story is about a thin monster who become fat because he can't stop eating. The monster (Marty) live with a granny. One day, Marty was feeling hungry,"
Me: "So he ate the granny?"
Friend: *laugh and continue the story* "Then the granny cook lots of food for Marty, but Marty was still feeling hungry,"
Me: "So he ate the granny and then with a full stomach he said, 'Granny..I'm full now. Granny? Granny?"
Friend: *laugh*
Me: "What's the hell happen with me?""
Friend: *laugh* "I'm also wondering are you really children book editor,"