Friday, February 05, 2010


"It's only words,"

I won't buy that again! I've been trouble by my own words for severe conditions, and mostly the conditions doesn't goes like I wanted.
For example, 2 weeks ago, I've make promise to my self that I won't lose with tiredness. I won't spend my weekend by sleeping all day long. I will get up and move just like in my daily days. I yelled, "I won't lose!!"

Then what happen?

For 2 weeks I haven't sleep properly! I've been busy with my works at office, my works at home, etc. It's like the Heaven is testing how far I would keep my words XP I've blew up some works but I still standing here though I was having a bad cold hehehe I don't know my self how far I could hold on but I feel I don't want to lose at this one. I've been losing for so many times against my own words, so I decide to make this one as my first start to be better :) I hope Heaven would hear it and help me by make everything easier XD

I still can't rest for this weekend, still have sort things to do, but just like I said over and over to my self, I won't lose!! Fight my self!! XDD

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