Thursday, February 25, 2010

Perfect Girl Evolution (part2)


This story has happen quite a long time ago. I was running to the train that was ready to leave. I get inside the crowded train trying to find a little pace for me. A man said to me, “oh come on…go on...keep squeeze in,” I know the train was crowded but I just want to find a hold so I won’t fall. I believe if I fall, he doesn’t want to get the blame. Then, come a sweet and cute little princess. She gets inside the same train with me and also trying to squeeze in, and what that man would say now? I could guess it, “be careful, you might fall,” said the man. Okay…just because I was looking like a ruffian compare to the princess, I was treated differently. He doesn’t mind if I fall but not with that girl. I wish I can hit that man’s face and then get out from the train, but going home was way too important for me that time. So, I decided to hold on with the stupidity of the man and the rest of the passengers as the train started to move. I should have known it, boys will always be boys, and no matter the age is.

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