Monday, February 22, 2010

Perfect Girl Evolution (part1)

sunako chan

A long time ago, a friend shared his story with me. He was upset with one of his team member that was a girl. He started his moaning about girls in common view. “Girls are like this….and like that…,” He kept moaning until I said, “Hey, you are talking to a girl here,” then he said, “Oh yeah, sorry,”, “I don’t mean you, you are different,” XD I really laugh hard that time. But in the end, I don’t defending the human called girls; because I’m quite agree with his descriptions about them. Yes, I’m a girl, but I don’t like to join their group. I’m a girl so I know quite well how can be so manipulative they are. Girls are second best manipulative group just below little kids. And for his case, it’s his own fault could easily fall to the manipulative play of the girl ^_^ Boys just become stupid when with pretty girls XD

So, who are girls as commonly people know? Well, I only describe this according to my own point of view. Girls are a group of human that describes to: have a pretty outlook; clean, neat, redolent, orderly; kind and gentle; have a fragile heart; uses heart more than head (XD); weak and must be protected; caring; intelligent; could easily attract people…is that all? I can hear them shouting….well for the truth; it’s my own description about girls that I less like. I think, girls (make it me) May not have that description...and I just hate it when people demand me to be like in the descriptions.

An old friend whom I met at the train refused his friend offer to jumping trains to get to the station exit, he said he feels pity asking me to do so, why? “She’s a girl,” What! I refused to jumping trains because it’s tiring! Not because I’m a girl! People have made the right way for us to walk, so why we should trouble ourselves by jumping trains! He said that after earlier inside the train he has praised me…He recognize one girl as his junior high friend…I said go and greet her...but he’s afraid if he’s mistaken her with someone else...I said then what about me? He said that earlier he was afraid of being mistaken recognize me but eventually he greet me anyway…I asked why and he said, “because you’re fierce and she’s sweet, if I’m mistaken her…I would feel awful,” Another strange reason that is XDD..If I’m fierce then you should have fear me more, because I would get upset and stared at you! XD

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