Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My (first ever) Valentine’s Gift!

Hehehe…I just got a gift from a friend that had gone to Singapore last week. It surprised me since I was only joking when I asked her to bring me gift from her trip. Believe me, I never expect anything! I even doesn’t remember she went there XP

And then, suddenly, today, she come to my desk and handed me a black box. First I thought it was a perfume XDD It turns out to be forks for eating fruits (I don’t know the right words to describe it XP) and also a pinky love Singapore key chain. I actually goes, “He? Pinky key chain???” I wonder where she got the thought to brought me that kind of thing XDD

Even so, I’m truly happy for the gifts!! It’s not the things that I see, but the care she give for me. I was surprised! I really am! Thank you so much! If it’s still in Valentine’s spirit, then the gifts is my very first ever Valentine’s gifts! Then I should thinking something for White Day. Wonder what will suit her?? I’m confused since this is the first time for me XP

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