Thursday, February 04, 2010

Kimi said, "I'm fine"

One of my worries when Kimi decided to leave F1 and join WRC was, will he be fine? Though Kimi has been there for several times, it still completely a different world from F1. It's not that I was afraid Kimi won't make it, I know he can make it. I always believe in him :)

I was worried will he get accepted by the people there? That's my main worry. I was afraid he might get hurt again, just like when he's in F1. F1 hasn't treated him quite good, I've seen it my self how many times Kimi gets hurt. Though he never shows it, but I can feel it. He's not an iceman deep inside, so I believe somehow Kimi been thinking about the trouble with his own way.

But, I'm quite relief now :) Even before the rally officially started, the people there are welcoming him with so much warmth. They even believe Kimi would make it there though it would take times. Of course he would take times to succeed there, he's a talented driver but any talented driver must make some adaption in new environment. But Kimi has already pass that stage :D People there are very welcoming him and also the fans. It cheers me up!

Kimi's first rally driving was in Arctic Lapland Rally on January 27th, 2010. He couldn't get the best result but it's good for the championship warm up :D The start of it will be on February 14th in Sweden. I really hoping the very best for him there :) And I can see it at the party of WRC launch, Kimi looks so happy. He always smiling. His eyes are shining. I can see that he's thinking his future in WRC, a bright future that is :)

I'm so relief to see him smiling and shining like that. It means that he's fine and my worries now can disappear :)

Kimi said: "Don't worry, I'm fine here,"

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