Thursday, February 11, 2010

Again and again…

It happens again!! XD Must I laugh or feel annoyed? But, somehow I feel quite proud since people think I’m as pretty as my profile picture XDD

As for everyone information…the profile picture I used is not me. Of course it’s not me! I’m not that pretty! Furthermore…I’m a girl and the picture is a man (though I’m half man inside) . It’s hyde sama! The one that has the most beautiful voice!

Recently someone contact me via “myspace” saying this sweet words that he wants to know me and that I’m beautiful so he gets attract to me. And the reason is that he sees my picture and profile. He said I have a beautiful picture and great profile. Okay, let’s get things straight out..the profiles are true mine but the picture isn’t. It’s hyde sama picture when role playing as Adam at Last Quarter XD

I never and will never put my real picture on any account. I like to use hyde and Kimi’s picture for my profile picture because I honor and love them so much that I want to see their face each time I open the account XP

I’ve used hyde’s picture more often than Kimi’s picture. Why? Because I do really like his beautiful and sweet look XDD especially when he’s acting as Adam. It’s his best act performance :) And it’s happen quite often when people miss seen his picture as the real me. I’ve explain who the person in the picture is..but come’s hyde sama! He’s famous! Can’t people recognize him???

Here’s some hyde’s picture that make people it was me XP

hyde bobo

(Above is my profile picture from “tagged”. I remember someone call me, “beautiful”)


adam sings

adam thinks

(Those three are my profile pictures at “myspace”. The last one make a friend think I’m good with guitar XDD) and this is the newest one that make me called, “so sweet” XDD

hyde sings 

Gezz..hyde really have trouble me! XP But, I feel proud too that many people have the same think like me, that you are indeed really “BEAUTIFUL” in and outside :)

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