Friday, January 29, 2010

Tanjoubi omedetou hyde sama!

hyde sama...tanjoubi omedetou!! Last year, I present you words from "anata". This year, it's still the same :) Because I can't find any other words to tell you how grateful I am. I'm grateful you're here, hyde sama. I'm grateful you've come to this world. I'm grateful to have you in my life. I'm grateful to have your voice sounds in my world. I'm really so grateful!! Thank you for being here. Thank you for all the works you've done. All of it is so beautiful. Thank you for letting me listen to your voice. Thank you for letting me admire you. Thank you for letting me love you. You're one of the BLESS in my life. You're so BLESS! God BLESS you forever and ever, hyde sama!! Happy Birthday!!! :)

(p.s. I'm so not creative today. Been posting this all over the place :P)

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