Thursday, January 07, 2010

Okaeri Minna sama ~BLESS PV~

On January 27th, 2010, my one and only ultimate lifetime band, L’Arc~en~Ciel shall release their new brand single, BLESS. It’s their newest and been waiting single after their hiatus on 2009. I watch the video at a friend blog in myspace. I was overwhelmed when she posts it and I was over excited when I watch the video. If I wasn’t in the office, I would be in tears.

I was laughing at first. The video is quite funny somehow. Hyde supposed to be walking with his background scenes quickly changing, but it comes out that he seemed to walk in place and it can be clearly seen! XDD Then, one by one they show up, after hyde, tetsu, ken, yuki, and it makes me in tears. I really wanted to cry. The video really suited the song. The song is so beautiful; the video is also beautiful, so it result to be a very beautiful work. So suited and expected from them. I really grateful they have made such beautiful work like this. They are really indeed great persons!

What make me touched the most was before the final of the video, Minna sama was in shadows and then they walk together towards the light, to the camera, to me, as if they are walking to me. I could feel that I widely open my arms to welcome them all and said the words, “okaeri minna sama,” In my mind, I really do that! I can feel how warm it is, I feel warm just imagining it. I’m touch, I really feel touch.
Minna sama has return, maybe it’s just for short time before their 20th anniversary concert. Even so, I’ve been asking for their news and they give the greatest news at the closing and the start of the New Year. MInna sama really know how to make people love them. They are so bless for making people so happy.

BLESS. It’s such a great and beautiful song from a beautiful band. Thank you Minna sama. Thank you so much for the hard work. Please let me just say it, just for this moment,

“Okaeri, Minna sama,”~~~

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