Friday, January 15, 2010

Lose appetite?

Lately, some friends said that they were losing appetite to eat. They don't finish the food their having, though I think the menu was not so bad. I wondering what happen to them, and most how can they lose appetite like that?

As I recall, I never lose appetite before :D

No matter what the food is, whether it's my favorite or not, whether I like it or not, I will still eat it. I never picking up food. I always eat whatever serve for me at home, though I don't quite like it, but it won't hold me back from eat it. I better eat than starve XDD

Even when I was ill, I will still have the appetite. I force my self to eat though, since I don't want my illness gets worst if I don't eat. I think with just eat enough and rest enough would cover you from illness :) Also when I get stressed, I eat, no wonder I hardly slim down XP

Losing appetite to eat would just cost me a lot! XD That's why I'm still wondering until now how the hell people can lose their appetite???

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