Thursday, January 07, 2010

Baka Kame! XP

(Warning: for the fans of Kamenashi Kazuya, please don’t kill me XD)

I rarely watch dorama. Even, I barely watch dorama. I never stand to watch something quite long, except if I really like it. The last dorama I’ve watched is “RH Plus” and since I love it so much, I never bored to watch it over and over again XP
Recently, I’ve watched 2 dorama. One is “Mr. Brain” with Kimura Takuya as the lead actor and the second one is, “1 pound gospel,” with Kamenashi Kazuya as the lead actor. Kame has also performed as a guest at Mr. Brain, and that’s why I decide to watch his dorama about boxer life in 1 pound gospel. At Mr. Brain, Kame acts as a young doctor who tries to kill his fiancée because he doesn’t want his dirty works being found out by the police. I’m surprised with his role here! I thought with that good looking face, Kame would only act as good boy XP I’m quite surprised but also amazed that he can act so well.

I first recognize Kame when he with his band (KAT-TUN) interviewing hyde and ken. Kame was so funny when playing “Shiratori” and the first mistake was actually done by him. But, the most funny part was when at his second chance to draw, Kame looked seriously thinking and confused, when he almost drew a wrong picture, someone called Maru said, “Kame san not only bad at drawings but also slow in thinking,” I burst into laugh and always laugh when watched the scene over and over again XDD It’s my first impression for Kame, that’s why I quite surprised with his role at Mr. Brain.
But, 1 pound gospel is quite good. I feel happy and had many laugh watching it (though I was ill). It’s a simple story based on a manga with the same title from Takahashi Rumiko (Inuyasha, ½ Ranma). It’s about a boxer, Hatanaka Kousaku (Kame) who had weigh loss problem, because he loves to eat and never stand with food. Then one day he meet a sister (nun) who help him from thirst, since then he falls in love for the sister who was called, Sister Angela. And the story continues with Kousaku fight to win Sister Angela’s heart and also to become the champion of boxing. It’s really a funny dorama. I always laugh seeing how Kousaku’s act, but I don’t like Sister Angela. She’s the type of a kind and weak girl, and also annoying. Thank God, Kame can take his role so good XDD

And so, from this dorama, I quite put my attention for Kame. I want to see more of his dorama too. And I have my own nick name for him, “baka kame” XDD
Oh! Kame will also role as Kyohei Takano in Perfect Girl Evolution dorama that will start to air in this January. Now, this really worth to watch! Kame as Kyohei…I can’t imagine it though XP

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