Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baka Kame (2)

I've said that I rarely watch dorama. But, recently I get addicted with dorama act by KAMENASHI KAZUYA. First sight of him was in "Mr. Brain". Kame act as a young doctor who almost killed his fiancee for covering his bad motives. I'm surprised to watch his act at "Mr. Brain". I thought he only act as good boy XP So, I took back my words.

I haven't watched all of Kame's dorama. I've just watched several of it, like:

1. 1 Pound Gospel
2. Gokusen 2
3. Nobuta wa Produce (haven't finish it yet :P)

Among the three, I like his role as Odagiri Ryu in Gokusen 2. Well, I like quiet, cool, and trouble type of people XD And his most funny act of course as Hatanaka Kousaku in 1 Pound Gospel that make me label him, "baka Kame" XDD

And...I also like his (strange) singing voice. Kame is one of the member of KAT-TUN. I can't believe I actually like one of them XP But, I only like Kame's voice when he's doing solo and not when together with KAT-TUN :P

Kame has sing the theme for Nobuta wa Produce along with his co-actor there. They sings "Seishun Amigo" and for Gokusen 2, Kame sings "Kizuna", a sweet and gentle song. I like Kizuna the most since it's only Kame's voice :)

I'm looking forward for Kame's next dorama, the adaption of "Perfect Girl Evolution", where Kame will role as Kyouhei Takano (!!). This is worth to watch!! I'm also looking forward for Kame's next solo. Hope both will come soon :)

Sate..baka Kame, ganbaruyo!! :)

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