Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 starts!

This is how 2010 starts for me.

I’ve write on my last post about how I spend my new year’s first days at bed. On my first day of work, I have to let go my computer for maintenance. The problem is all my precious ones are there, my pictures, my music, my writings, and my works too. I’m using a back up computer, but it feels lonely without my favorite’s music on my ears, or without my lovely one pictures as my screen saver. I hope my computer is fine and will be back soon. I desperately miss it…

But, 2010 start isn’t so bad too.

While I was in healing, I get to watch a dorama XD I rarely watched dorama before, but this one captive me that I intent to get better so I can finished watching it XD I did and I also become quite aware for the lead actor of the dorama that I think I will look for his other dorama. I will write about this actor later on XP
And on my first day of work, I’ve seen L’Arc~en~Ciel newest pv, BLESS. I’m really touched watching the video. Finally, they have got back together! This is absolutely a great way to start the year! I also will write details about this later on XP
Well, 2010 has just started and I’ve been experiencing many things. Hopefully from now on I will have more good experiences. Amen!

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