Friday, January 29, 2010

(from) I for YOU

Dearest YOU
Watch YOU
Look at YOU
Hear YOU
Follows YOU
Wants YOU
Need YOU
Admire YOU
Loving YOU
Missing YOU
Thinking of YOU
Just YOU
Only YOU
One and only YOU
this is from I for YOU

Tanjoubi omedetou hyde sama!

hyde sama...tanjoubi omedetou!! Last year, I present you words from "anata". This year, it's still the same :) Because I can't find any other words to tell you how grateful I am. I'm grateful you're here, hyde sama. I'm grateful you've come to this world. I'm grateful to have you in my life. I'm grateful to have your voice sounds in my world. I'm really so grateful!! Thank you for being here. Thank you for all the works you've done. All of it is so beautiful. Thank you for letting me listen to your voice. Thank you for letting me admire you. Thank you for letting me love you. You're one of the BLESS in my life. You're so BLESS! God BLESS you forever and ever, hyde sama!! Happy Birthday!!! :)

(p.s. I'm so not creative today. Been posting this all over the place :P)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

(about) KImi's Arctic Lapland Rally

Starting from Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 till Saturday, January 30th, 2010, Kimi will participate in the Arctic Lapland Rally. It's his second times driving in the event. Actually at this very moment, I think, Kimi has started the race. I'm wishing him the very best for the race, always. I'd love to see the race, but sadly it doesn't cover by any electronic media here :( This is why I want to have cable network >_<

Even so, though I can't watch it, Kimi will always have my full support, my best wishes, along with my prayers.

Good luck Kimi! Do the best you can! I will always and always support you no matter what!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lose appetite?

Lately, some friends said that they were losing appetite to eat. They don't finish the food their having, though I think the menu was not so bad. I wondering what happen to them, and most how can they lose appetite like that?

As I recall, I never lose appetite before :D

No matter what the food is, whether it's my favorite or not, whether I like it or not, I will still eat it. I never picking up food. I always eat whatever serve for me at home, though I don't quite like it, but it won't hold me back from eat it. I better eat than starve XDD

Even when I was ill, I will still have the appetite. I force my self to eat though, since I don't want my illness gets worst if I don't eat. I think with just eat enough and rest enough would cover you from illness :) Also when I get stressed, I eat, no wonder I hardly slim down XP

Losing appetite to eat would just cost me a lot! XD That's why I'm still wondering until now how the hell people can lose their appetite???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eh..? VAMPS updates

Few days before, I've just had a chat with friend about VAMPS updates. I said that maybe Hyde has left VAMPS for a while to focus more with L'Arc~en~Ciel. They will release brand new single this January and ought to have some live shows, right? And I was also hoping that the hiatus might end earlier than plan :P

But, I was completely wrong!! >_<

Hyde sama will be very really busy with VAMPS the whole year!! They will release 2 new single and 2nd album. Everything in a row!! Then they would also have World Tour starting September 2010!! The tour start at the end of the year, just several month before 2011 when the hiatus would end...I don't dare to make any conclusion so far... :(

The news from VAMPS really give me a surprise in the morning! Though I feel happy with VAMPS progress but I also feel sad since I really thought Hyde sama would now concentrate with L'Arc~en~Ciel. He has already had a whole rocking year with VAMPS, now it's L'Arc~en~Ciel turns. I was thinking like that. Even more, when they release [BLESS], I thought, "this is it, this is the time of their coming back," I have welcome back them with my biggest and warm hug (XP) but now I must let them go again... :((

Hyde sama, please forgive me for being such egoist admirer of you...but I really want you back with L'Arc~en~Ciel. But, I still wishing you the best with VAMPS. I will always support your works. I will always be proud become an admirer of you :) This is really from my heart, "Ganbatte kudasai, Hyde sama,"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

(adapted) Kagen no Tsuki aka Last Quarter

I can get inspirations for my writings from many things, like doramas, songs, mangas, or by what’s happening in people daily life. And one of the writings I’ve been working on now is adapted from Kagen no Tsuki (Last Quarter) movie, though I can say it’s quite different story.

The Original plot:
Mizuki Mochizuki is a high school student that one day meets a man by the name Adam. In the two weeks they are together, she falls in love with him, and the day he is to leave, she decides to follow him. Bringing her passport and a bag, she crosses one of Shibuya's many streets, on a red light, to follow after him. Only, when her ex-boyfriend calls out her name, she turns around, in the middle of the street, to see him running after her. While standing there, she is hit by a car.

Some time later, a girl named Hotaru, who has lost her cat, mistakes a stray as her own. The cat wanders into an abandoned home, and she squeezes through the bars to follow after the cat. When realizing that the cat isn't hers, she decides to leave, but is drawn in by a beautiful melody. She makes her way to where the sound is coming from, and discovers a girl playing a piano. After telling her friends about the girl, they all leave to check out the scene. When they go there, they cannot see the girl, but knows she is real when Hotaru hands her a notebook, and she takes it from Hotaru's hands. They have no idea who this girl is, but they are determined to find out just who she is and why she is there. The rest of the story follows their discoveries of the ghost they call Eve. (Wikipedia)

My Adapted plot:
Michiru Keio often had the same nightmares over and over. In the nightmares, Michiru was sitting among dead bodies, she was frighten but also feel calm in the same time with the presence of someone in front of her. Michiru has told her nightmares to her brother, Tezuka, but doesn’t get satisfying explanation. Besides having the same nightmare, Michiru seem couldn’t remember about the death of her parents. Tezuka told her it’s because the shocked of their parents sudden death.

One day, with her friends, Michiru visit the area where people without magical power have live. For avoiding trouble, people with magical power are forbidden to enter the area, but for curiosity they still go and later found out by the people there. Michiru get separated and arrive at the watch tower where the watcher for both area has live. Michiru was shocked when she hear the voice of the keeper, Riki Okada, that similar with the voice inside her nightmares. It’s the same soft and gentle voice telling that she has to live a happy life. Later on, Michiru found out that Riki was Tezuka’s best friend, but again Michiru doesn’t remember anything about him.

Michiru is curious about Riki’s identity and what sins he has done so he becomes the keeper. She also wants to know why she had the nightmares, why she can hear Riki’s voice in her nightmares, and furthermore why she can’t remember about her parents death.

p.s. It’s really two different stories. I like the plot about “couldn't remember someone” in Last Quarter that I adapt into my writings. I also like Hyde appearances as Adam that I imagine Adam as Riki :P One thing I don’t like from Last Quarter is the ending. So, on my adapted writings, I make it into a happy ending version :)

(Hyde as Adam that I take the image for the keeper, Riki)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baka Kame (2)

I've said that I rarely watch dorama. But, recently I get addicted with dorama act by KAMENASHI KAZUYA. First sight of him was in "Mr. Brain". Kame act as a young doctor who almost killed his fiancee for covering his bad motives. I'm surprised to watch his act at "Mr. Brain". I thought he only act as good boy XP So, I took back my words.

I haven't watched all of Kame's dorama. I've just watched several of it, like:

1. 1 Pound Gospel
2. Gokusen 2
3. Nobuta wa Produce (haven't finish it yet :P)

Among the three, I like his role as Odagiri Ryu in Gokusen 2. Well, I like quiet, cool, and trouble type of people XD And his most funny act of course as Hatanaka Kousaku in 1 Pound Gospel that make me label him, "baka Kame" XDD

And...I also like his (strange) singing voice. Kame is one of the member of KAT-TUN. I can't believe I actually like one of them XP But, I only like Kame's voice when he's doing solo and not when together with KAT-TUN :P

Kame has sing the theme for Nobuta wa Produce along with his co-actor there. They sings "Seishun Amigo" and for Gokusen 2, Kame sings "Kizuna", a sweet and gentle song. I like Kizuna the most since it's only Kame's voice :)

I'm looking forward for Kame's next dorama, the adaption of "Perfect Girl Evolution", where Kame will role as Kyouhei Takano (!!). This is worth to watch!! I'm also looking forward for Kame's next solo. Hope both will come soon :)

Sate..baka Kame, ganbaruyo!! :)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Kimi 2010 look!!

Kimi looks in 2010! I don't like the way of his hair, but I will always like (read: love) the man! So happy to see his smile again! I know it. He's fine. He will be fine :)

scary kimi

Kimi's smile for 2010. I really like his smile :)

Kimi is prepare for 2010!

He's ready and I'm ready :)

I'll say it again, "I love him!!"

Raikkonen: "I'm finding a bit of the young Kimi in me again"

This is why Kimi becomes such a great person. This is why I love him so much! :)

So, Kimi, let's talk dirty. What's the earliest rally car you can remember?
KR: My brother's Ford Escort. Of course, as a good Finn, I saw rally care on TV from an early age. I liked Ari Vatanen and Juha Kankkunen's Peugeot 205 T16s the best. The first rally I actually went to must have been the 1991 1000 Lakes Rally, which Kankkunen won in a Lancia Delta Integrale.

Were rally drivers your childhood heroes?
KR: I didn't have any childhood heores, I was a fan of the sport, not individual drivers. During my childhood, Kankkunen, for example, was a world-class driver so he could have been an idol. I've met him since then. He's still got a Peugeot 205 at home and a Group B Audi Quattro from the 1980s. He might even lend it to me if I asked nicely.

Was it inevitable that you would end up on the racetrack?
KR: I always wanted to give rallying a shot, but I did get into F1 very quickly [Raikkonen was only 21 when he made his F1 debut, for the Red Bull Sauber team at the Australian GP, scoring a point for sixth place]. So it became difficult to move sideways into rallying, which meant I just had to lump it. I didn't get the chance until very late - I was almost 30 [Raikkonen competed i the 2009 Rally Finland, in a Fiat Grande Punto Abarth]. I also think F1 helps you as a rally driver and vice versa.

But it would be a bit ungrateful to say that you were biding your time for nine years in F1 and you had to become world champion so that you could ultimately become a rally driver?
KR: That's just how my career has worked out. Now it's the right time to go for it with the right people and the right car for however long. I did negotiate with another F1 team for next season, but we couldn't agree 100 per cent. Then Red Bull came and made me an offer to drive in the WRC for a season. It felt like the right thing to do straight away.

A lot of racing drivers in your position would have just bought themselves a world rally car and had some fun in it. But you've joined the Citroen Juniour Team for a whole season where you'll be up against Sebastien Loeb, the best rally driver in the history of the sport. Haven't you made things difficult for yourself?
KR: It's definately the biggest challenge yet. I've got to learn everything from scratch. But I want the challenge. I have to get to know the car, the rallies, how to work with my co-driver [Kaj Lindstrom], everything. I'm looking forward to it. And you've got to set yourself some competition if you really want to know how good you are. I'll still be able to drive around the forest in a private rally car.

But when you entered the WRC last year, at the Rally Finland, it was a much more professional effort compared with other well-known converts.
KR: If you're going to do something, do it with the best team. My car's been prepared by Tommi Makinen's team; these guys are super professional. Of course it's a smaller operation than an F1 team, but they're professionals. Even though the driver plays a bigger overall role in rallying than in F1, the best driver won't win in a bad car. So that's why I wanted an experienced co-driver so at least one of us would know what he was doing. I met Kaj Lindstrom through Tommi and we were ice spies for Chris Atkinson during the 2006 Monte Carlo rally. Kaj is outstanding; he and Tommi were World Champions together. Kaj was also the one to make first contact with Citroen Sport.

Does entering the World Rally Championship feel a bit like it felt when you first test-drove for Sauber F1 in 2000?
KR: Yes, I'm finding a bit of the young Kimi in me again. A world rally car is quicker and tougher than the S2000 car I dove last year on the Rally Finland; it's 10 times better to driver and has more power. It's why you can still come out of critical situations. If the Fiat ever went sideways with its non-turbo engine, it was game over.

So what about rolling the car in Finland last year?
KR: It wasn't because I was going too fast! It was the opposite. The car had already begun falling apart, so I just wanted to get it to the service park. The Fiat definately wasn't the quickest car in the S2000 class, nor the most stable. My line going into the left-hand turn was maybe 2m off and we turned over.

Why was your line bad?
KR: I was driving with my eyes and not my ears. But in rallying you've got to pay 100 per cent attention to what your co-driver says.

Is that something you still have to learn to do?
KR: It is. The driving itself shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you know the special stage, there'll hardly be any different usually. What makes the difference is the pacenotes [the co-driver's notes on the road conditions for each stage of the rally] and your trust. That's my main disadvantage starting out - I only know the Arctic Rally and Rally Finland. I've got to work the rest of the events out for myself.

Can you use other crews' pacenotes?
KR: It's always better to have your own. If you want to be really fast, you've got to have trust. And you'll never have complete trust in someone else's notes.

Does it help to follow other drivers' tracks to get your bearings?
KR: No. There's no way of knowing what the car in front of you might have done. You've got to do what the co-driver tells you.

When was your first roll?
KR: I was 14. I rolled my brother's Lada. We had a 3km track close to home. Marcus Gronholm [Finland's two-time world rally champion] also trained there. I over-braked the rear axle and rolled twice. The roll-bar [the car's internal safety cage] also broke.

Your brother Rami was seen as a great rallying talent. Does he still drive?
KR: No, he's a family man now. One year he was runner-up to Mikko Hirvonen [runner-up in the 2008 and 2009 World Rally Championships].

Have your nephews caught the motorsport bug?
KR: Absolutely! There's only three and four and they already go karting. I've bought them a quad bike.

Are you a good co-drver?
KR: No. I've been co-driver to Tommi Makinen [four-time World Rally Champion] once. I have complete confidence in him, but I wouldn't want to repeat the experience. Maybe I'll sit alongside Load during a test. I don't think he'll do the same for me.

Are you expecting a couple of rolls next year?
KR: Of course. Over the course of the WRC there are bound to be a couple of shunts. Everyone makes mistakes in this sport and, as a rule, a mistake usually means you wreck the car. How many cars must Jari-Matti Latvala [WRC winner] and Hirvonen have destroyed before they won their firt world championship rally? The only driver who hasn't rolled is Loeb. He's an exception.

Do you think you'll be more intuitive on tarmac or gravel surfaces?
KR: We've been amazingly fast on gravel, but tarmac will probably be more my thing. Snow will be the hardest. Your lines have got to be spot-on in the snow, whereas on tarmac it's no big deal if you brake a metre too late and have to turn more sharply. You have to be able to read the gravel. On some types of gravel you've got incredible grip with rally tyres and on others you haven't.

What sort of results are you expecting?
KR: The first few rallies are bound to be tough. Until I know how fast the other drivers are, I'm holding back on any personal expectations. I'm sure I won't manage to keep up with the top four [Loeb, Dani Sordo, Hirvonen, Latvala].

Your team-mate Sebastien Ogier is also seen as a future star.
KR: Yeah, he's really good. He's a perfect yardstick to measure up against.

When you look back on your F1 career, is there a single moment you value above all others?
KR: In F1, every lap is more or less the same. It's more difficult if it rains, but otherwise it soon becomes a routine. In rallying, every corner or hill might be different from what you expected. The most fun I've had in recent years was fooling around with friends on snow-scooters, for example. I'd find it difficult to pick a single moment from the last nine years.

How about this as a moment to go down in history? Kimi Raikkonen overtaking Giancarlo Fisichella on the outside at Suzuka on the last lap of the 2005 Japanese GP, to win the race?
KR: Yeah, that was really good.

The 2009 Ferrari must have been really difficult to drive when we see how badly Giancarlo Fisichella struggled when he stepped in for the injured Felipe Massa. Not to mention [Ferrari test driver] Luca Badoer.
KR: The car wasn't bad. It just didn't have enough grip. It was hard to driver but I liked the 09 Ferrari more than the 08. I didn't cope too badly [Raikkonen won the 2009 Belgian GP]. But it made Fisichella age 10 years in two races!

If you couldn't get a neutrally balanced car, would you prefer oversteer or understeer [a car that has more or less front/rear grip]?
KR: I've never liked understeer. How can you push the car if you don't know whether it's going to steer? You lose time on a circuit but in rallying, you end up in the trees because you run out of space.

How much communication does motorsport need?
KR: As a driver, there are some things you just can't communicate. No F1 driver in the world can talk to an aerodynamics engineer on an equal footing because they have completely diffferent levels of understanding. All you can do is tell your race engineer what you'd ideally like. Mechanics are important too but they do what engineer tell them to. So your communication is limited to two or, at most three, people in the team. And then what's made of your input depends on the team.

In rallying, you'll sometimes have to work on the car yourself. Do you know know to?
KR: I enjoy it. In Finland, I've always repaired my own cars. I tweak my bikes too. There's nothing wrong with getting your fingers dirty.

Did you foster the 'Iceman' image to survive in F1?
KR: No. 'Iceman' goes back a long way. In F1, politics gets in the way of the exciting side of things. The atmosphere in rallying is much nicer and there's a lot less politics involved. It's must more about how the driver performs.

You're a celebrity, especially in Finland. Now that you're moving over into Finland's national sport - rallying - you probably won't dare to go out on the streets of Helsinki at all.
KR: I don't care about that. It can't be any worse than it already is. I've learned to deal with it.

You did military service. What did you find most difficult about it?
KR: The first couple of months were stressful. We were constantly roared at. By the end we were bored and messed around. Apart from military films where everyone's roaring, getting up early was the worst.

Rally drivers often have to get up early too.
KR: I know. But I had to get out of bed early for F1 sometimes too. It's part of the job.

What's your favourite toy during the off-season?
KR: A snowmobile. It's huge fun tearing around Lapland with friends on one. But Motocross comes close.

What makes a good road car?
KR: Space.

What's the last sport you've tried?
KR: I started climbing last year on the recommendation of my fitness trainer, and it's fun.

Who's going to win ice hockey's Stanley Cup?
KR: The San Jose Sharks.

Who's going to win snowboarding Olympic gold in the half-pipe?
KR: I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Finns, but it'll probably be hard to beat Shaun White.

Who's going to be the next World Rally Champion?
KR: Loeb or Hirvonen. Loeb.

And MotoGP?
KR: Have the teams changed much? No. So - Rossi.

Formula One?
KR: Hard to say. I don't know what Ferrari's plans are. Mercedes will probabaly have a good car, so will McLaren. Red Bull Racing probably will too. So I'm going to have to award the title based on who I like: Sebastien Vettel. He's so down-to-earth.

Do you have much contact with him?
KR: I know Heikki Kovalainen better. As a rule, I don't have that much contact with people from F1. Sometimes I play badminton with Vettel. He's moving to my part of Switzerland so we'll probably see more of each other.

How interested will you be in F1 if you're not in an F1 car yourself?
KR: I'll watch a race on TV every now and then. Maybe I'll go to the Monaco Grand Prix. I could get an F1 drive again any time, but lots of bad things are happening in F1. Manufacturers are pulling out. Let's have the same conversation in a year's time.

Let's look way into the future. What would an WRC title mean to you?
KR: More than my F1 world championship title. I'm just starting out and I can sense what a long journey it would be to get to that point.

No one's done it before.
KR: That's another thing that makes it interesting.

p.s. I won't get tired saying this, "I love this man!!" :)

(Full interview with Copied from:

Baka Kame! XP

(Warning: for the fans of Kamenashi Kazuya, please don’t kill me XD)

I rarely watch dorama. Even, I barely watch dorama. I never stand to watch something quite long, except if I really like it. The last dorama I’ve watched is “RH Plus” and since I love it so much, I never bored to watch it over and over again XP
Recently, I’ve watched 2 dorama. One is “Mr. Brain” with Kimura Takuya as the lead actor and the second one is, “1 pound gospel,” with Kamenashi Kazuya as the lead actor. Kame has also performed as a guest at Mr. Brain, and that’s why I decide to watch his dorama about boxer life in 1 pound gospel. At Mr. Brain, Kame acts as a young doctor who tries to kill his fiancée because he doesn’t want his dirty works being found out by the police. I’m surprised with his role here! I thought with that good looking face, Kame would only act as good boy XP I’m quite surprised but also amazed that he can act so well.

I first recognize Kame when he with his band (KAT-TUN) interviewing hyde and ken. Kame was so funny when playing “Shiratori” and the first mistake was actually done by him. But, the most funny part was when at his second chance to draw, Kame looked seriously thinking and confused, when he almost drew a wrong picture, someone called Maru said, “Kame san not only bad at drawings but also slow in thinking,” I burst into laugh and always laugh when watched the scene over and over again XDD It’s my first impression for Kame, that’s why I quite surprised with his role at Mr. Brain.
But, 1 pound gospel is quite good. I feel happy and had many laugh watching it (though I was ill). It’s a simple story based on a manga with the same title from Takahashi Rumiko (Inuyasha, ½ Ranma). It’s about a boxer, Hatanaka Kousaku (Kame) who had weigh loss problem, because he loves to eat and never stand with food. Then one day he meet a sister (nun) who help him from thirst, since then he falls in love for the sister who was called, Sister Angela. And the story continues with Kousaku fight to win Sister Angela’s heart and also to become the champion of boxing. It’s really a funny dorama. I always laugh seeing how Kousaku’s act, but I don’t like Sister Angela. She’s the type of a kind and weak girl, and also annoying. Thank God, Kame can take his role so good XDD

And so, from this dorama, I quite put my attention for Kame. I want to see more of his dorama too. And I have my own nick name for him, “baka kame” XDD
Oh! Kame will also role as Kyohei Takano in Perfect Girl Evolution dorama that will start to air in this January. Now, this really worth to watch! Kame as Kyohei…I can’t imagine it though XP

Okaeri Minna sama ~BLESS PV~

On January 27th, 2010, my one and only ultimate lifetime band, L’Arc~en~Ciel shall release their new brand single, BLESS. It’s their newest and been waiting single after their hiatus on 2009. I watch the video at a friend blog in myspace. I was overwhelmed when she posts it and I was over excited when I watch the video. If I wasn’t in the office, I would be in tears.

I was laughing at first. The video is quite funny somehow. Hyde supposed to be walking with his background scenes quickly changing, but it comes out that he seemed to walk in place and it can be clearly seen! XDD Then, one by one they show up, after hyde, tetsu, ken, yuki, and it makes me in tears. I really wanted to cry. The video really suited the song. The song is so beautiful; the video is also beautiful, so it result to be a very beautiful work. So suited and expected from them. I really grateful they have made such beautiful work like this. They are really indeed great persons!

What make me touched the most was before the final of the video, Minna sama was in shadows and then they walk together towards the light, to the camera, to me, as if they are walking to me. I could feel that I widely open my arms to welcome them all and said the words, “okaeri minna sama,” In my mind, I really do that! I can feel how warm it is, I feel warm just imagining it. I’m touch, I really feel touch.
Minna sama has return, maybe it’s just for short time before their 20th anniversary concert. Even so, I’ve been asking for their news and they give the greatest news at the closing and the start of the New Year. MInna sama really know how to make people love them. They are so bless for making people so happy.

BLESS. It’s such a great and beautiful song from a beautiful band. Thank you Minna sama. Thank you so much for the hard work. Please let me just say it, just for this moment,

“Okaeri, Minna sama,”~~~

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 starts!

This is how 2010 starts for me.

I’ve write on my last post about how I spend my new year’s first days at bed. On my first day of work, I have to let go my computer for maintenance. The problem is all my precious ones are there, my pictures, my music, my writings, and my works too. I’m using a back up computer, but it feels lonely without my favorite’s music on my ears, or without my lovely one pictures as my screen saver. I hope my computer is fine and will be back soon. I desperately miss it…

But, 2010 start isn’t so bad too.

While I was in healing, I get to watch a dorama XD I rarely watched dorama before, but this one captive me that I intent to get better so I can finished watching it XD I did and I also become quite aware for the lead actor of the dorama that I think I will look for his other dorama. I will write about this actor later on XP
And on my first day of work, I’ve seen L’Arc~en~Ciel newest pv, BLESS. I’m really touched watching the video. Finally, they have got back together! This is absolutely a great way to start the year! I also will write details about this later on XP
Well, 2010 has just started and I’ve been experiencing many things. Hopefully from now on I will have more good experiences. Amen!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Happy New Year!!! *trumpet roaring*

Well, actually new year has 5 days passes, it's me who too late celebrate it here XP
My new year's eve supposed to be quite fun with BBQ party with my family, but I get ill :( I was so limp that I go to bed early! But, then I woke up at 11 pm and ask for food XDD

The next day, I completely become ill. I was shivering and had to stay at bed. I was bed rest for 2 days! 2 days! Give back my holidays!! :(( It's really not the right way to start the year...but hopefully after I get ill in the start..I will be happy for the rest of the year :) Amen!

And for 2010, I've made 2 resolutions that I have break one of it really soon XDD sigh...I know it. It's no use to make resolutions if I keep breaking it. Even so, I will do my best in completing what I've said though I keep breaking it :) I'll do my best!

Sate! It's just for my self...fight!