Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wishing upon the sky

I always love the sky
Though I would feel sad when I look at it
I'm thinking of you who are far away from me

Hopefully someday I would feel happy looking at the sky
As I turn around, you would be there beside me
Breathing the same under the same sky (read: roof)

*After a short dream on the bus ^^

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The lost of our dearest dad

The shocked came with an email from Satomi-chan......

Kimi has lost his dad. 

One week ago, Matti Raikkonen (Kimi's dad) has passed away in the sudden. The family asked for a private time and doesn't reveal the reason of the sudden death. Matti was in his 50th of age. 

It was sudden for sure. It was shocking. I can't believe it really happen. But, after I checked all the fans forum, I must accept that it's true. I still can't believe it even until now. 
I still remember Kimi has wrote somewhere that he would be in Finland during the season's break, and would have an early Christmas and New Year's celebrations. I was thinking it's an answer for me after I ask what would he do on the break season... (^^) 
So, the news become a surprised for me, and I believe it's also a surprised for Kimi and his family. 

And somehow I can feel the pain. I was shocked and keep repeating to myself that the news was wrong. I can't think. My mind was blank. I wanted to cry, but I can't since I was still in the office. But, every time I was alone, I can feel the pain; every time I do prayer, I remember about Matti; every time I close my eyes, I want to cry. And I did cry, after I reach home, I cry for few minutes.... 

I feel as if I'm losing my own family member....

It was hurt and sad. At first, I was thinking about Kimi's feeling...the thought of him being sad fills my mind and it make me sad. But, after it Matti was on my mind. I was sad for him. 

To our dearest dad,
I'll pray for your soul. May you rest in peace. May the Mighty God give you the righteous place in Heaven. You deserve it after the good deeds you've done, especially for your two sons. They are your proud. They resembles the greatness in you. Thank you for everything. You will surely be miss.....Farewell our dearest dad. 

Matti Raikkonen (RIP)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dipa asked me, "Why you can be expressionless like that?" 

Well, we just found out that one of our friend had been married for about 2 years. All this time we thought that she was engaged with her boyfriend. We never expect that she had been married even having a daughter. She's also younger than Dipa and me :D 

My first expression about the truth was, "Mmm..." and...Flat! XD 
Seriously, I was surprised but that feeling doesn't show up on the face. I look cool and calm, and maybe a little bit ignorant. It isn't the first time Dipa felt strange with my expression, and it surely not the first time I've been expressionless like that. 

I don't know how and why I can be expressionless. It just happen :D But, usually I become like this when with people. I can be so expressive when I'm alone XP 

But, after thinking about it again...I finally find the answer. 
Why I become expressionless is because of...KIMI! XDD 
He's the coolest and the most expressionless man in the world and he influences me too much XDD

My Kimi ^^

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Lately I'm living with fear. I'm feeling scared. I'm afraid that I would lose everything. I'm afraid I would lose my precious things. And I also feel alone.

And there's nothing I can do to ease the feeling :(

For the truth...I'm feeling really scared now...I don't know what to do. The feeling is like a shadow that follows me everywhere. It's like wound that heal but I still have the scars. It's like a footprints that I still can see the trace. It's like a sin that has been forgive but not forgotten. I can feel it and I'm depressed...

It's depressing and tiring me...I really don't know what to do. I'm just hoping it will be only my own thinking and won't ever become true. I'm praying it won't become true.

I'm in the lowest part of my life.....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The return of VISTLIP!


I was so freaking happy with the news! There hadn't been any news from them after the accident. I was really worried though on their blog they said everything was okay. I can have a slightly relief.... :)

They said that their happy and healthy, and they would coming back though not sure when ^^
They are also working on new song. I will be anxiously waiting for that! The complete announcement can be read here 

I can't believe that I'm missing them XD I just know them for a while and been liking them since then ^^ I really can't wait for the return. With many bands are disbanding lately, VISTLIP return will taste so great!! 
Welcome back, guys~~~~~~~~

VISTLIP - Hameln

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The man with violin

Lately I've been liking man who plays violin :D
I don't know why I liking it.
I feel that man who plays violin is looking sweet and romantic, but also still manly XP
And this is the one I've been drooling with lately
But, of course in very much different drool with Kimi <3


Saturday, December 04, 2010

Jang Geun Suk: Man with thousand faces

Lately, I've been watching Korean drama with Jang Geun Suk in it.
The first drama I've watched was "He's Beautiful". At the drama, Geun Suk plays as Kang Taek Kyung, a cocky and arrogant band member. I was quite impressed with his acting there. He can be so annoying as Taek Kyung, but also can bring out the character's charisma and charm. His image as Taek Kyung has also inspired one of my short stories XD 

Friday, December 03, 2010

Angelo - Design

It takes me one month, but finally I can get it. My first Angelo's album, DESIGN. It's also the band's fourth album and the newest release from them (October 6th, 2010). 
I've been liking them and decide I would bought the album. And I'm glad I bought it :) 

  1. Blind light
  2. El Dorado
  3. Noise
  4. Design of infinite circle
  5. Hikari no kioku
  6. Speak to deep colors
  7. Fate
  8. Eve
  9. Rasen
  10. Last song
  11. Lotus bloom
I'm glad they put my favorite songs on the album: "El Dorado", "Hikari no kiouku", "Speak to deep colors", and "Fate". The other songs are also great! I never get bored turn it on over and over. I really like Kirito's voice, and the whole music just add the greatness. 

Angelo's devoted fans said that the album is sound more "pop" than their previous albums. I quite agree. Even so, I still can feel Angelo's style on every songs. They still gets their dark and gloomy sense, though in a softer way. I think they have to do that for getting more attention from foreign fans, just like what they've planned with the release of the album. I hope their hard work give good result because I'm liking the album so much, and I hope other fans feel the same too. I know little chance for them to come to Indonesia (maybe it's impossible!), but I still wishing them the best and success! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Boku wa baka :D

Recently I just had my index finger stuck to a door of a car :D 

So, when I was going out from a car's friend, I realize that "something" was stuck to the door. When I finally notice, that "something" was my index finger! I haven't finish with the surprised, when the car slowly move. I quickly open the door so it would make the car stopped. Luckily it did. If not, I don't know what would happen to my index finger....

I thought it wasn't that bad. I have experience the same thing during Senior High, so I thought it would be the same this time. But, I was wrong...the finger get swollen and bleeding. It's also stung. I was grimace all the way home...

When I reach home, I told everyone about it. And I've expected their reactions. My sister said I was clumsy and my 3rd brother just said one word, "stupid". Yeah, I know I won't have any caring attention at this age :D 
I can't sleep all night long since the swollen keep bleeding and I can feel when it does. I keep waking up to wipe the blood. 

For the time being, I can't eat well, I can't bath quickly, I can't wear clothes recklessy, I can't write, and I can't type and clicking the mouse with it! 

Even so, actually I quite enjoy the feel of pain :D Well, I already know that I kinda a little masochist :D 
A friend said that my face was looking happy when I told the story XP

And people keep saying, "You're using nail polish?" .....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy and Sad

I'm still feeling surprised. 

This Sunday, My childhood's crush will be getting marry. I know it isn't right to feel what I'm feeling since yesterday. I was feeling sad and annoyed. 

Well, I know that between us won't ever be any special relationship. But, I like him. I really do. It's hard to saw him with his girlfriends. But, I can hold on that time. Now, I must see him standing happily beside someone he will spend the rest of his life time. Sorry, but I can't stand that. 

I'll be wishing him happiness, but please forgive me. I can't come and see him there. I just can't. I know I will get annoyed if I go. I don't want to become hating him instead. 

Congratulation for your marriage. I'm truly wishing you happiness. Now you won't ever know my feeling for you. But, I still like you and you will always have special place in my heart. You will always have it. 


Monday, November 08, 2010


I've been thinking to make an "escort" bussiness. 

It's a bussiness where I would accompany someone for at least one day. But, it's not an escort in negative way. My "work" would only be as far as friend does. If the guest need someone to talk, I would be the pairing partner. If the guest need to be listen, I'll become a good listener. If the guest need to be accompany to an event, I will be the partner. If the guest just need someone around and don't do anything, I'll be as quiet as a rock XP 

That's my description of "escort" work. In Japan there are known as "host" who company guest drink and talking. Same kind like geisha too, but I only will stick with friend's doing. My cost is cheep, just pay the bill for me and add with extra cash for the time I give.

So, anyone interested to hire me? :D 

Friday, November 05, 2010

Acid Android: 13 Day Dream

acid android

Track list:

  1. Guide into daydream
  2. Violent Parade
  3. Gamble
  4. Clockwork Dance
  5. Useless Action
  6. l.w.o.m.f.p.p. Just an android
  7. Violator
  8. Balancing Doll
  9. Defunct
  10. Swallow Tail
  11. A Moon Tonight
  12. A Lull in the wind
  13. Lullaby

Just like with Re:Creation 2 from ABC, I’ve taken back my words about this new album from Acid Android. From my personal opinion, among L’Arc~en~Ciel’s member, Yukkie aka android-kun is the most not suitable one to become a vocalist XP Me and Anggi-chan share the same feeling about this hehehe We think android-kun is better with drums than with a microphone XP

But, I do cherish android-kun hard work. And for this album, I raise my thumbs for them! It’s a great one! I know I haven’t listen to their old works, but present is far more important than the past, right? I’m quite surprised android-kun can make slow, gentle, and beautiful tone. Well, most of the songs are really resemble his music, techno. But in some songs, android-kun has shown his other side, his gentleness, like in “A Moon Tonight”, “A Lull in the wind”, and “Lullaby”. I think it’s not his other side, but the truly him. I always feel that when android-kun puts down his drum sticks, he becomes a soft and gentle person. One of my favorite in this album is “Violent Parade”. Each time I listen to it, I always do the head shake android-kun use to do hehehe It’s the song that better to listen than to watched the video XD

My conclusion: good job android-kun! Really good job indeed!

Friday, October 29, 2010

VAMPS 2nd Album: BEAST

Track List:
  1. Plug In
  2. Devil Side
  3. Angel Trip
  4. Memories
  5. Euphoria
  6. Vamp Addict
  7. Revolution
  8. The Past
  9. Piano Duet
  10. Rumble
  11. Get Up
  12. Samsara
  13. My First Last

Among the member of L’Arc~en~Ciel, Hyde-sama is the one that mostly being productive with his solo work. On the past July, he with his duo formed band, VAMPS, has released their second album, BEAST.
It’s quite good album, though I feel Hyde-sama is being more western here than with the 1st album. Actually I’m not really into this album, not like with the first one that I keep playing over and over. But Hyde-sama has really done a good work with it. My favorite ones are: Devil Side [I surprisingly love this song!], Angel Trip, Revolution [though the video is quite weird XP], and Memories.

I think the best time to enjoy this album is when working late at night, or when I want to concentrate more with my works. This album can helps ;)   

Friday, October 22, 2010

Satsuki: UPPER REGION (Mini Album)

One of the albums I’ve been anticipated this year was the mini album from Satsuki, “UPPER REGION”. It was released on September 2nd of this year. The albums consist of 6 songs with some remake songs from his previous singles.

Track list:
1. Awake (Upper Region version)
2. Ryuushi ni toketenagareru namida to memaino sou ni ranhanshasuru saisei no koe
3. Moonspiral (English Ensemble)
4. Horizon
5. Crystal (Upper Region version)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

“Your life is not yours alone”

It’s true.

No one can have their life just for them shelves. Because human is a social creature that will always interact with another, whether they like or not, either they want it or not.

You may choose not to care, but there will always people forcing you to care. You may ignore stranger, but you won’t ignore your friends and family. You can’t. Your heart won’t allow it.

I’ve been there. I’ve once try to be an ignorant person, not caring with my surroundings. I fail. Though I don’t like it, though I don’t want it, I was forced to care. I was forced to admit that my life isn’t mine alone.

It’s sucks, right? ^^

But, actually the words isn’t complete. The real complete words are:

“Your life is not yours alone. There will be people who’d care for you. Who’d cry when you’re sad. Who’d be smiling when you’re happy. Maybe not every people. But, surely there’ll be one, Me.”


satsuki with violin

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Sky


Sometimes, I feel sad when I look at the sky. I realize how vast the sky is; how big the world is; how far I am from the one that I love.

But, lately I don’t feel sad anymore when looking at the sky. I can smile. Thanks to Satsuki-san who have taught me the beauty and magnificent of the sky. I’m happy we like the same thing, the sky. And somehow, I feel close to him when seeing the sky. I’m looking at the same sky as him, breathing the same air, living in the same world.

Thank you so much for showing me the beauty of the sky, Satsuki-san ^3^

Monday, October 18, 2010

October 17th: The Day

“I do swear that I’ll always be there. I’d give anything and everything. And I will always care, through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow. For better or worse, I will love you with every beat of my heart.” [Shania Twain – From this moment on].

October 17th, will always be my one and only special date. It’s my most important person’s birthday: the man of my life, the man that I will always love, my one and only love.

I love him for what he is. I love everything about him: his goodness, his weakness, and for the most, I love him for just being him.

I thank him for coming into my life. And become my forever love: to see him smile, to know his anger, to accept everything about him. He has become my world, my shining sun, my bright light; my everything. I love him with my heart. I love him with my soul. I love him with everything I have. There will be one and only thing I always has for him, my love.

Happy birthday my one and only most special one. You are the blessing in my life. The most beautiful gift the Heaven has given me, the happiness in my life, the smile of my life, the love of my life.

I won’t ask anything more than you. Your presence is all I need, is all I want, and your happiness is all I’m wishing. For you to always have the smile, the success, the love, the spirit, and the bright future.

Happy birthday my love. I love you.

sweet love

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Acid Black Cherry: Re-Birth


Track List:

  1. Re:Birth
  2. Furare Kibun de Rock’n’Roll (Recreation Track)

Finally one of the most been waiting single album [for me] has been released! It’s the “Re:Birth” of Acid Black Cherry aka Yasu-san! Finally he has return! Welcome back Yasu-san! *gunyu-gunyu dance*

Yasu-san has done great work in this newest work! I’m so happy and relieve for him. He is really being “Re:Birth”! The song is awesome! The video is also great. Yasu-san is looking so damn great! He’s looking great, fine, and better! I don’t get bored watching the video over and over. I like the way Yasu shakes in the video, though not as hot as Hyde did ^^; Yasu also tried to be looking sexy with his staring, but sorry Yasu…Hyde can do it better! XD Just keep with your naughty and pervert mind, right? XD I also don’t get bored listen the song! The song is the theme of a PS3 game and it really suited the game theme. It’s quite energetic and catchy song. I really love it so much!

The second track is another recreation track and Yasu-san has also done great work with it. It’s a happy and cheerful song. I love his voice in it. He sounds so damn funny! If Hyde-sama voice feel so majestic, then Yasu’s voice always make me laugh XD His voice is so damn unique! I can’t wait for his next work! I hope there’ll be new album soon! Go Yasu Go! Your “Re:Birth” is a bless!! XD

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Great Brother

1. Byakuya Ichigo [BLEACH]


At his first appearance, I was already like this cool 6th division leader. But, I don’t like what he has done to Ichigo and also Rukia. He’s cruel and coldly lets Rukia to be punished even though she is his sister. But I change my mind when I know his reason. Yeah, I knew it, Byakuya is cool XP He has become that cool and cold with Rukia because of his position as the family’s head and also the 6th division’s leader. Byakuya was bond by the rule and also by his own words.

After Ichigo has made him realize, Byakuya has change a bit, especially with his attitude towards Rukia. He has become a sister complex! He will move when Rukia is in danger, even to risk his own life for her. I just like the way Byakuya caring for Rukia. Though he still acts cool but it’s also feels warm. But, for worrying too much with the sister isn’t a good thing too. Even Ichigo has said about how Byakuya has turn to be quite a gentle person.

Byakuya-sama, it’s alright to feel guilty for what you’ve done in the past, but please don’t become so over protective with Rukia. You will lose your coolness that way.

Byakuya: “1000 Sakura spread out”

Even become a sister complex or over protective with Rukia, Byakuya-sama will still be my favorite kind brother to have XP

2. Dean Winchester [Supernatural]


My number one brother to have! Sam is so fudging lucky to have Dean as a brother! What would he ask? Dean will always care for Sam no matter what happen. Dean will always be there for Sam. Dean will always protect Sam and never let him hurt. Dean will risk his own life for Sam. Why? Because Sam is his only family left. Not only that, even when their father was still around, Dean has always beside Sam. Dean has become a substitute for their passed away mother and also busy father. Dean knows how their father loves Sam the most, but that doesn’t make Dean jealous and abandon Sam. Dean still at Sam’s side.

Dean loves his car, and would freak out when it get broken. Dean also loves to eat, gambling, and make jokes even when their fighting demon. Don’t ask about girls, He loves them XP He hates demon and will destroy them without second thought. Dean will also be so angry if Sam gets hurt and would do anything to protect his little brother. Even though sometimes Dean looks so annoying with his jokes, but that what makes the series not too serious and fun to watch. I can imagine how the series will be so serious and gloomy if there’s no Dean.

For what Dean has done for Sam, for what he has done with the series, Dean has absolutely become my number one favorite brother. I won’t mind at all to have him as a brother. It will be exciting and fun crossing the country with him and fighting demon. I think I’ll be more feeling fun than scared XP

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Versailles New Look

This is the new look of Versailles. Credits go to: Edoh-sama ^^

kamijo Kamijo. His eyes look awesome.

hizaki Hizaki. Still looking beautiful ^^

yuki Yuki. Nii-san ^^

teru Teru-kun. Finally I can accept his belly ^^

masashi Masashi.

Finally…I can see clearly the look of Versailles 6th member, Masashi! He’s quite a charm too ^^ Welcome to the garden Masashi-san!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sudden Lost

Lately sad things happen around me…

First, my friend has lost her being born baby. The baby died while still inside the comb, in wait to be born. She said it’s a slow reaction from the “bidan” (traditional delivering baby person) to suggest her to the hospital. On the last minute, she still can feel the baby movement, but it stopped moving on the way to the hospital.

I was very sad with the news. I was hoping for another nephew and also because she’s the first one between my closets friends that will become a mother. She looked very calm when I visited her. I brought her chocolate and grapes. I do hope it would cheer her up. She’s very calm when telling me what has happen, sometimes we laugh. There’s no tears from her. She’s smiling and looking fine. I guess she has overcome the lost. She’s so damn strong! I think I can’t be as strong as her if I was in the same situation. I was glad and relief. Though I know it was terribly hard for her, to lost such soul that she’s expected to have and had taken care for 9 months inside of her. I can feel the lost though I can’t cry a tear. I’m wishing the best for her and pray that the little soul will have the most respectable place beside Allah SWT. Amen.

Second, a sudden death happen to one of my “high position” people at the office. Mr. Mula Harahap, the big boss of Tangga Pustaka has passed away because of an sudden heart attack. He was gone while he’s sleeping. The news shocked me since the day before he passed away, I still seeing him. That time I was thinking to greet him Ied Mubarak, but I didn’t do it. I thought I can do it later. How I regret it now that I won’t ever see him again. I thought maybe I could have his last smile….

Mr. Mula was one of my respectable person. I rarely have people that I respected, so maybe he’s the only one. He’s tall and looking scary with his white hair, but the truth he’s warm and kind inside. One thing I’m so grateful was that I don’t feel as scared as the first time when I saw him. I can greet and see his warm smile, listen to his funny stories and jokes.

I have this wishes to show him this blog. I always remember his words at one training that I participated.

“A writer mustn’t stop writing and reading. Keep writing though it may be meaningless. Keep reading no matter how busy you are.”

His words has also encourage me to maintenance this world of mine. I wanted to show him the writings I’ve made. I want to know his opinions. I thought finally I have someone that I can ask his opinions for my stories. Now, all of it will be just a wishing and thought. I can’t ask him to do it now. I don’t want to bother his eternal sleep.

Sayounara Mula-san…though it’s a short time but I’m glad I can meet you. Thanks for your sharing experiences and stories. You will surely be miss.

p.s. Was it a premonition? After the Ied Mubarak holiday, I was cleaning files on my laptop. One of the folder there was named “Pak Mula”. It’s the file of his training I’ve been participated. The training was postponed and so I still keep the training files, incase it will be started again someday. I was confused that time, should I delete it or not? Since the postponed has taken long time. But, I decide to keep it, maybe it would be useful later. Several days later Mr. Mula passed away…Now I think I can delete the files. Since he won’t started the training again. So, was it a premonition?? 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Me, Myself and Kimi (part one)

I won’t ever forget the day when I firstly know Kimi. I was reading his news on the newspaper. People were talking about his controversy to join F1. At that time, he was still young and less experience in driving formula car. Even so, FIA gave him Super License Driver so he would able to compete under FIA’s observation. Kimi stunned everybody at his debut race in Melbourne 2001. He finished in 6th place and score early points for his team, Sauber-Petronas. From that point, Kimi has amazed people who at first doubt him. And he also has amazed me who decided to be his fans :D

Since then, Kimi has amazed me.


He has a unique personality. He walks on his own road. He always does and talks whatever he likes. He doesn’t care what people think about him. He doesn’t listen to criticizes. He’s living his own world. And what amaze me, he can still hold on! He hasn’t change from the first time I saw him till this very moment. He is still the same Kimi, a one honest person that I will always love.

Kimi has change though, from a young driver to a more mature and talented one. I’ve also change, from being his fans to his lover. I really love him with all my heart. And I’m glad I able to see him changing throughout his years in F1. Sometimes it makes me smile seeing his old pictures, comparing with now, yup! He has surely changed. But, my feeling for him is still the same. I’ve watched him through happy and bad times. And I would still stay for many times, don’t matter how bad it is. I will still be there backing him.


My admiration for Kimi has increased day by day, just like my love for him. No matter where he goes, what he does, I will still look at him. When there’s no one, I will always there for him. When there’s no one looking at him, I have my eyes just for him. He will always be my world, my shining sun, my raining drops, my blue sky, my love, my life, he’s my everything.


Some people said what I’m feeling for him is foolish thing. For me it isn’t. I love him and it’s for real. I’m not a fan who only collects picture or news about him. I’m not someone who would only scream from the side of the field. Actually, I’m quite honest with my feelings for him. I called him stupid when I think he has done stupid thing. I called him arrogant when I feel he’s being so. But, I won’t leave him for that. I won’t leave him just because he has shown his other sides. I like his honesty for being what he is, the honesty that makes me more loving him. Also with his words and thoughts, Kimi has the way of common people thinking, but being in the world he’s living, his thoughts become quite strange. It makes him look unique, though for the man himself, it was usual things.

with you

Someone has asked me the reason I love Kimi so much. The same question has been asked long time ago, and I couldn’t answer it. It’s not because I don’t know why I love him; I love him so much that I couldn’t find any reason for not loving him. Kimi is someone that really deserved to be love. It just makes me wonder why people couldn’t love him.

mi love

p.s. Thanks to Satomi-chan for Kimi’s lovely pictures~~~

Friday, September 17, 2010

Triple Releases from ANGELO

Maybe the new work from Angelo is the most been waiting release for me. But, why they have to make it triple releases?? I don’t get it but it still feel exciting XD

  • El Dorado (TV Edition)

cover BASARA

Track List:

  1. El Dorado
  2. El Dorado [TV edit]
  3. El Dorado [instrumental]

El Dorado is the theme ending song from anime Sengoku Basara 2. It’s a energetic song! The song is great. The video is great. The band is great! It’s my favorite song at the moment! I really like Kirito’s voice and also the band’s music. It’s not that dark like their early songs, but it still sound good!

  • El Dorado


Track List:

  1. El Dorado
  2. Speak to deep colors
  3. El Dorado [instrumental]

Maybe this is the real version of the song from Angelo. The second track is a beautiful song! I just love it like the way I love “El Dorado”. The music and Kirito’s voice is so beautiful and gentle. Even that way, I think there’s still the taste of “Angelo” in the song. I mean, no matter how beauty the song is, it’s still Angelo ^^

  • Fate


Track List:

  1. Fate
  2. Fate [TV edit]
  3. Fate [instrumental]

This is the third release from Angelo. The time between the releases is quite close, that’s why I quite surprised! Angelo surely is working hard. Fate is another ending theme for Sengoku Basara 2 and I like it just like the two releases. I wonder how they can make such great song and music like this. I also wonder how I can become to like them this much. They are surely so great! I become to like them more and more.

And the best part from them is that they are going to release new album on this October! What the fudge?!! I’m so excited with it! It’s the second exciting news after the return of Mina-sama XD Angelo’s position on my music list now has moving forward day by day. And I’m glad they did!

I’m wishing the best for Angelo and their foreign career. I bet after this they will be well known outside. How come people miss such great band like them? People don’t know what they’re missing. They miss such great and unique band!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

After the feast

Happy Idul Fitri to whole Muslim people~~~~ May Allah SWT always bless us and give happiness to us and also forgive our mistakes and sins. Amin!

This year Idul Fitri was quite different for me. I don’t have my family to celebrate with. They were going back to my father’s home town, Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra. It’s just me and my mother at our home in Bogor. Actually my mother was supposed to come with them, but she didn’t stand the long journey and decided in the last minute to cancelled it.

I don’t want to admit it, but I miss my family.

Sometimes I feel there’s no room for me to breathe at home, but when they weren’t around, the house felt so big and empty. Also, it’s tiring to look after the house just by myself (my mother is too old to help me out). I would just come home from the office, taking a bath, then go to sleep after having dinner. It’s my daily activities that seem to be boring but I actually used to it. I can’t do that when there’s no one at the house. I’m the one that in charge of everything. Gosh! I miss my family!

It’s quite sad too for not celebrating the happy feast with the family. No laughing, no children voices all over the house, no cheering voices. I felt alone and lonely. I guess my mother was feeling the same since she kept asking when they will be back. It’s the same thing I realize at the time I was lying on my bed cause of sick, I need them. My family. No matter how annoying they are; how troubling they are; how foolish they are; how sometimes I feel tired and hating them; I still need them around. They are still my family.

I know I would regret this writings as soon as they are back. But for this moment, I just want to say it, I miss my foolish and crazy family. Hurry get back , so I can scold you again ^^


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Versailles News!

Just when I thought all the excitement for this year has done, here comes another one. It’s from Versailles.

On the last live tour at Japan, Versailles has announced a new member. His name is Masashi and he would fill the position that the late Jasmine You had left, the bass.

My first thought about the news: “Yeah! Finally they have a complete formation!” I’m so excited! Then second thought come after the excitement become calmer: “Who the hell is Masashi?” XDD

Found the quick answer. Masashi is the additional player on bass for Versailles World Tour. So, he’s been around the band’s activities. That’s good! I hope with Masashi’s on the line, Versailles will become more and more awesome! As for Jasmine You, I don’t think his place had been “taken away”. Jasmine You will always have a special place in Versailles. No one would replace him. No one.

And next…Versailles will release new single on October 27th, 2010. The title is: DESTINY – THE LOVERS. It will be the 1st single with Masashi officially in the band. I hope it will be good :)

Welcome to the club, Masashi-san~~~~ Let’s do our best from now on *hand shakes XD*


[Versailles new front line]

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome back Mina-sama!

Maybe this is the most exciting news for this year, Mina-sama aka L’Arc~en~Ciel are finally coming back~~~~~~ *gunyu-gunyu dance*

So this is why lately I have listening to their songs again. It’s a premonition of the good news. Yokatta~~~ Yatta~~~ I’m so happy!! XD

Mina-sama will start their 20th anniversary through a live on December 31st, 2010. Exactly at 00.00 time, they will start the celebration under the title, L’A Happy New Year! They will start the new year with their coming back! It’s a great way to start the year! That’s my number one band! XD 

They will also release new single! Great! But, there must be a new album. They already have enough songs to make an album. So, please make one! I have list few albums to bought, but with this news I’ve decided to put Mina-sama on my top priority! :) I love them too much!

I really can’t wait for the end of this year, to see them all get together again. I guess now they have enough money for the anniversary show, and so decided to come back as a band XP I can’t wait what will they offer us this time? Will it be like 2003 after their Shibuya Seven Days show and releasing SMILE? Will they continuously release new album? I wish!! What ever it is, I will always follow them~~~

Welcome back Mina-sama! Okaerinasai~~~~ Thank you for this great news!!

larc sama

They will always be my number one band!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Re:Creation 2: Acid Black Cherry


[Release: July 30th, 2010.]

Track list:

  1. Tenshi no wink
  2. Julia ni Kizugokoro
  3. Aitai
  4. Sailor fuku to kikanju
  5. Love is over
  6. Hershey
  7. Kamome ga ton da hi
  8. Sihouette Romance
  9. Glamorous Sky
  10. Ai no baka!
  11. Daitokai
  12. Last dance wa watashi ni

Recreation 2 is the newest work from Acid Black Cherry aka Yasu. It’s the same doing he had with the 1st Recreation album. On this album, Yasu cover some old songs with his own style. From ABC’s unofficial account on myspace, I found out that it’s going to be a ballad’s album.

At first I don’t have great expectation with this album. I don’t quite like the first one, but now I have taken back my words (I often doing it nowadays). I like this 2nd Recreation far more than the 1st one! Yasu has done awesome works with the songs! Though it’s old songs but Yasu has cover each of it with his own style and make me feel the songs are his XP I wanted to hear the real version, but I think Yasu’s version is the best hehehe

My favorite one from this album is AITAI. It’s a sweet, gentle, and beautiful song. The words are simple but flow like a story. The music is beautiful and Yasu’s voice was really awesome! I don’t recommend watching the PV, though I prefer it better than Devil Side from VAMPS XP In terms of pervert…Yasu is the best!! XDD

I’m happy Yasu has put in some of his B-Side songs. And it’s also my favorite! Julia ni Kizugokoro; Sailor fuku to kikanju; Hershey; and Ai no baka! That’s why I like this album! But, the most ultimate favorite is Glamorous Sky! I forget that Mika Nakashima was the one that sing the real version. I keep remembering Hyde has done it XP But, Yasu doesn’t change too many with the song. Maybe he wants to keep it as close as the real version, since it’s the works of his God, Hyde XD I’m really curios what happen when Yasu ask Hyde’s permission to cover the song, and how Hyde’s opinion when he hears Yasu’s version.

Hyde: “You’ve done great babe,”

Whoa~~~ Yasu would be so happy!! ^_^

Then, Yasu has done duet with Daigo Breakerz on the song, Daitokai. The duet make me laugh since I keep thinking…”Wow, Hyde’s fan boy has gather up,” XDD I like seeing the chemistry between the two, yeah! Hail up for Hyde’s fan boy! XD Also, Yasu’s voice is quite high on the song and it make me giggles..Daigo’s voice is quite funny too ^_^ Hyde-sama…wonder what he’ll say about the duet hehehe

And so my conclusion: AWESOME! It’s Yasu’s 1st work for this year after he had an operation on early January 2010. He has back and become greater! I’m so happy for him. He has done a great job, he has work hard. I believe it’s been difficult for him during his recovery. And on this August, Yasu shall release his new single, RE:BIRTH. I’ve listen to the preview that used as a soundtrack for PS3 game. It’s an awesome song! Also recently I’ve seen the video preview of the single, Yasu was looking great! He’s looking great, he’s looking good, he’s looking healthy...Wonder is he still pervert? XP Re:Birth…it’s the right word for Yasu. He has been rebirth after the operation. I’m so happy and grateful for him.

Welcome back! Okaerinasai Yasu-san~~~~~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


People said, “Love can grow through times,”

I said, “Love can also disappear within times,”

That’s why I make this bond to you.

So I still can see you though you aren’t around.

So I still can keep you close.

So I can love you forever.

Happy Anniversary dearest!


Saturday, July 31, 2010


It’s been 4 years from the day I give the pledge. And I still remember my pledge.

“I will always stay at your side, in good and bad times. I won’t ever leave you. I will always be around, I will always love you.”

And though I feel many ups and downs, I still have the love.

Happy anniversary dearest…it’s been 4 years, but I feel I have love you far more than that. I feel I love you forever, for entire of my life. This pledge of mine will always be renew day by day, just like the love I have for you.

I love you dearest…so much!



Thursday, July 22, 2010

Within Kirito’s realm

Kirito is the name of Angelo’s vocalist, a Japanese trio rock band. Formerly, Kirito was the vocalist of Pierrot. Pierrot disbanded in 2005. After that Kirito form Angelo along with other two ex-Pierrot member, Kohta (bass) and Takeo (drums). Below is Kirito’s short personal data.


  • Real name: Murata Shinya
  • Birthday: February 24th, 1972
  • Birthplace: Sapporo, Hokkaido
  • Favorite color: Blue and green
  • Position: vocal, sound, concept

Lately I’ve been listening to Kirito’s voice. This happen after I heard Angelo’s newest single album, “Hikari no Kioku”. Since then I start my journey to the past with Angelo and Kirito. I’ve found songs that become my favorite. And Kirito really has an unique voice [not mention face XP]. His description make me remember of Yasu (ABC).


At first I was feeling scared with Yasu, but now it has been reduced XP But, not with Kirito. Even though I like his music and voice, I still feeling afraid of him. Kirito’s look is so scary. I’m guessing that he’s a scary, harsh, and weird guy. I’m quite right with the weird term. Kirito is really weird XP He has a quite weird way of thinking. I can’t understand his lyrics even with the English translations.

He’s also a dedicated person. In one PV making, I saw Kirito involve himself giving direction in the set. I can feel the aura, “he’s the boss” XP It’s not a bad side. I think he’s awesome to willing getting involve like that, or is it a usual thing to do with his role in making concept??


One of the weird thing from Kirito was his claim for being a gay. I’m amazed! It’s the first time I heard someone make such public claim. Well many have but not particular artist I like. People said it was only a joke by Kirito. I also can’t believe it too, which side will Kirito fits in?? XP But the truth is I don’t care. I like his music and his sexual orientation really doesn’t bother me. He’s happy and can make good music, it will be enough for me :)

So far, I’ve been listening to Kirito’s works, either solo or with Angelo. I think I like his solo works better :) I like few songs from his two albums: Negative and Hameln, such as: Tear, Kagerou, Door, Decide, Period, Hakudou, Cherry Tress, and many more. My favorite from Angelo are: Hikari no Kioku, Last Song, Rainbow, Reborn, Sister, Winter Moon, Usubeni no Kakera, Chaotic Bell, See you again, He is a monkey, etc. Kirito’s voice and music really can take me to another world, the realm of Kirito.


I also have new writing idea after I listen to Winter Moon and Usubeni no Kakera. I also really like the video! It’s awesome and inspiring me to write new story.

One other thing that also surprised me was the fact that Kirito is a quite funny and shy guy. Sometimes I laugh watching video about his act. Even so, I think the term weird is rather fit him XP And also, I’ve found out that Kirito is Yasu’s best friend! What a small J-Rock world!! My favorite J-Rock artist are best friends!! Sugoi!! XDD


Friday, July 16, 2010



It’s been quite time I haven’t continue the stories I’ve been working on. Total there’s three pending stories.

  1. Last Quarter ~the other story~

    No, this isn’t a fan fiction of the real version. I make my own version of “Last Quarter”, though it doesn’t involve anything about the moon inside XP It starts to enter the climax, but I just postpone it because of so much works and tiredness >_<

  2. Takumi to Sora

    This has also reach it’s climax and prepare to enter the end. But again, I postpone it >_<

  3. Undecided

    The same situation with the other two. I was working this on the office together side by side with my works :D Then I decide to postpone it and continue at home. Which I haven’t done until now >_<

Sigh…I miss my writings. I’ve been trying to write after I get back from works, but I was too tired, even though I was using Nettie* before I go to sleep. And on weekends, I usually have plans to do, friends to see, or just being a good bear and hibernate XD

Sometimes I wrote with my mind to keep me remember of the story continuation. But, when I was face to face with Nettie..I get totally blank and only scrolling the page up and down >_<

I feel so guilty to abandon the stories. They are one of the sources for my life. I also feel so guilty to my first man [the main character]. I’ve postpone his story, this is a sin for a writer :(( Gomen!!! :((

I have to get rescheduling of everything, works and time. Then I will get back to my stories. Please wait for a little more, guys. I’m heading there right away :)

*Nettie: the name of my net book :)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Acid Black Cherry: Aitai (lyric)

Biru ga mieru kyoushitsude Futari wa tsukue narabete, onaji tsukihi wo sugoshita

Sukoshi no eigo to, basuketto, soshite
Watashi wa anata to koi wo oboeta

Sofugyou mo watashi wo kodomo atsukai shita yone
'Tooku he ikunayoto'
Hanbun waratte, hanbun magao de dakiyoseta

Hikui kumo hirogeta fuyu no yoru
Anata yume no you ni shinde shimatta no

kotoshi mo umi he ikutte
ippai eiga mo mirutte
yakusoku shita janai
anata yakusoku shita janai

Namiuchi giwa susunde wa fui ni akiramete modoru
Umibe wo tada hitori
okoritai no ka nakitai no ka wakarazu ni
aruite iru

koe wo kakeru hito wo tsui mitsumeru
kare ga anata dattara anata dattara

tsuyogaru kata wo tsukande
baka da natte shikatte
yasashiku kissu wo shite
uso da yotte dakishimeteite

tooku he yuku na to itte
onegai hitori ni shinaide
tsuyoku dakishimete
watashi no soba de ikite ite

kotoshi mo umi he ikutte
ippai eiga mo mirutte
yakusoku shita janai
anata yakusoku shita janai


We had spent time next to each other in the class room where we could see the high buildings
I had fallen in love with you along with the English lessons, basket

Even when we graduated, you still treat me like a child
You used to tell me "Don't get far from me"
Half smiling half seriously you hug me in your arms

Then one cloudy winter night you disappeared like a dream, just disappeared like a dream

How about the promises to take me to the beach, to take me to see lots of movies?
Didn't you promise me that? Don't you remember?
Oh, I'm dying to see you

I gave up walking by the sea where waves were tapping the shore, alone by myself
I was there not knowing the desire to burst out in anger or to cry out loud
I looked at every single person who happened to raise their voice
Wishing it would've been you
You who would grap my bluffing shoulder
Scolding me for being a fool
Kissing me gently
Holding and telling me these are not true
Oh dear, how I wish to see you

I would love to tell you not to go far away
To not leave me lonely
To hold me tight
and just to live here by my side

Didn't you promise to take me to the sea,
to see lots of movies?
Didn't you? Didn't you?
I dearly want to see you

KiRai’s Note:

Don’t matter with the video, the words are so beautiful! And the way Yasu sing it…gosh..! BEAUTIFUL!!!


Yasu: “Aitai”

Me: “Watashi mo!”