Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meine Liebe

Meine Liebe (4 volume)
Author: Izawa Rei
Artist: Yuki Kaori and Izawa Rei

Finally I can finish this 4 volume manga. It's a short volume, but it takes me time to accept the story (read: shoujo love story). It's a funny and touching story. The main character, Erika Klause, is a energetic and kind girl, which kindness has attract the Strahl Students (aka good looking guys XP). Well for the truth, I don't like the concept "one for all and all for one" in shoujo manga. Erika has take all the role play in the story and put aside others character.

The main line of the story is about Erika who was looking for her dearest step brother (same father-different mother). I knew who was the brother at first sight. Well, just look at the hair color XP And the story develop into a wider relationship between Erika and the Strahl Students, which is Orphe, Edward (Ed), Camus, Liudwig (Liu), and Naoji. As I expected, Erika get many attention from the Strahl Students, especially from Orphe and Naoji which lead to love feelings (sigh). But, good thing was that no unfair competition between Orphe and Naoji for getting Erika's love. Maybe because they are nobles man with honor and pride, or maybe because Erika has her own choice, which she still doesn't realize till the end of the story (sigh).

In the end...everyone is happy. Erika found her dearest brother and also get the love from Orphe. Happy ending for everyone. What about Naoji? He's a big heart person, he'll find another love soon XP

I feel so-so for this manga. I like the story about Erika who was looking for her brother, but I don't quite like the love story. It's too ordinary and easily guess what will happen next. Plus, I'm quite embarrassed reading the seduction words XDD Noble man!! Oh well, it's a shoujo love manga anyway XP I wish they would tell more about Camus and Liudwig, both are quite interesting character. I'm wondering about Camus past with his unique ability...? There's a hints about that but no continuation :(

Even so, it's a nice story. Maybe I could take the idea on my writings :) I also like the artwork, so soft and give warm feeling just like Shigeru Takao sensei artworks :*

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