Monday, December 07, 2009


Did I make up my feeling? Nope. Not quite. I still feeling annoyed, upset, and sad. My world is still at the edge and any time can slide down easily. It's up to me whether I keep it that way or let it fall. I choose the first. I choose to continue living though it won't be the same since something important has gone. But, I believe that as long as the same feeling still exist, everything will be fine. I will be fine :)

And for him, I know he will also be fine. He's a strong man, stronger than me, I want to be as strong as him. For me, as long as he feels happy, I will be happy :)

I will also keep supporting him from now on. He will be competing at WRC started next year. I know nothing about the event so I must start to learn the rules and how the race goes.

Everybody said it will be though, but I have this feeling that he's going to be fine. He will make it and surprised everyone. He's a great man indeed. He never give up. He never stop walking and always keep moving forward. He never look back and regret what happen in the past. He has find new dream to achieve, new challenge to do, new journey to begun. And this time also, I will always right beside him :)

Kimi, thank you for being so great. I will keep following you no matter where you go :) Keep on fighting! :)

And so it means...I'm back :)

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