Thursday, December 24, 2009

As if in a dream

Actually in November, it's been a year since my brother in law has passed away. Still, I think it's like a dream. Dream that disappear when I wake up. I still feel it's not really happen, that he was just going away for work and will seeing him at weekends. He would drive his yellow motorcycle with his two children. He would slept at the couch through the day and get back to his home when the sun set down. I missed that usual activity of his...

Still I thought it was a dream. But, when I look at the faces of his loved ones. I know it wasn't a dream, it's for real. That he has gone away and we won't see him again. I can see the empty space left by him and I know his loved ones feel more emptier than me.

So..for the last 1 year..have I fulfill my promises to him? Have I take care of his loved ones just like I've promised him? I'm not that sure I have done it with my best. But, I will keep doing it as best as I can, to watch over his loved ones. But, I may not good doing it as him did XP But, I'll try :)

Rest in peace "Abang". I quite miss you :)

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