Monday, December 14, 2009

After the party...

Finally I get back from my first end year meeting. It's actually quite fun ^_^
At first I was quite worried since I'm the only newbie there...also I've heard bad rumors about what usually happen at the meeting O_O but, thank God everything went fine and I come home still in one piece XP

I get lots of valuable experiences there. It's true! I've realize my mistakes and weakness and know what should I do as an employee. I realize that I have join a great place with great people. So, I must be very grateful and work hard also serious from now on. It's something I haven't done lately :( I'm so grateful they ask me to attend this meeting from the first day. Not only I get valuable experiences but I also have learn many things about my works and my work place, also some gossip about it's people XP Prejudice can come up by words of people, it did affect me a little, but being a liberal person, I won't take everything for granted. It's just for my guide line in dealing with the people :)

The out bound at the last day of the meeting become the closing event. I could gather around with people I just see and don't know the name XP It's quite fun though my body feel hurt till now.

And now I've back to my works...though it will be quite hard but I know I must change little by little from now on. I must get serious and focused with my works. For the sake of those who believe in me also for the sake of my self :) I remember Mao san once said that his biggest enemy is himself, and I agree with him :) So, ganbarimao my self!! :)

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