Thursday, December 24, 2009

As if in a dream

Actually in November, it's been a year since my brother in law has passed away. Still, I think it's like a dream. Dream that disappear when I wake up. I still feel it's not really happen, that he was just going away for work and will seeing him at weekends. He would drive his yellow motorcycle with his two children. He would slept at the couch through the day and get back to his home when the sun set down. I missed that usual activity of his...

Still I thought it was a dream. But, when I look at the faces of his loved ones. I know it wasn't a dream, it's for real. That he has gone away and we won't see him again. I can see the empty space left by him and I know his loved ones feel more emptier than me.

So..for the last 1 year..have I fulfill my promises to him? Have I take care of his loved ones just like I've promised him? I'm not that sure I have done it with my best. But, I will keep doing it as best as I can, to watch over his loved ones. But, I may not good doing it as him did XP But, I'll try :)

Rest in peace "Abang". I quite miss you :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Dear :)

My post on twitter, "-----> My Dear"
And Dipa asked, "Who's the lucky boy?"


This is the lucky boy. This is My Dear.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chiisana Shiawase ~a little happiness~

Are you happy?
Are you happy with your life?
Have you ever envy with other people's life?
Sometimes I feel like that :) Sometimes I'm jealous with what people have. Sometimes I forget the happiness I have that people don't have. Maybe because it's a little happiness that I don't realize I have it. Well, if I can choose, I'd rather have many little happiness than just a single one happiness. Also, the size and form of my happiness might be so much different with people thinking.

My little happiness is just simple.

To love what I love

To listen what I want to listen

To read what I want to read

Just as simple as that, and come my little happiness. How about you? :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meine Liebe

Meine Liebe (4 volume)
Author: Izawa Rei
Artist: Yuki Kaori and Izawa Rei

Finally I can finish this 4 volume manga. It's a short volume, but it takes me time to accept the story (read: shoujo love story). It's a funny and touching story. The main character, Erika Klause, is a energetic and kind girl, which kindness has attract the Strahl Students (aka good looking guys XP). Well for the truth, I don't like the concept "one for all and all for one" in shoujo manga. Erika has take all the role play in the story and put aside others character.

The main line of the story is about Erika who was looking for her dearest step brother (same father-different mother). I knew who was the brother at first sight. Well, just look at the hair color XP And the story develop into a wider relationship between Erika and the Strahl Students, which is Orphe, Edward (Ed), Camus, Liudwig (Liu), and Naoji. As I expected, Erika get many attention from the Strahl Students, especially from Orphe and Naoji which lead to love feelings (sigh). But, good thing was that no unfair competition between Orphe and Naoji for getting Erika's love. Maybe because they are nobles man with honor and pride, or maybe because Erika has her own choice, which she still doesn't realize till the end of the story (sigh).

In the end...everyone is happy. Erika found her dearest brother and also get the love from Orphe. Happy ending for everyone. What about Naoji? He's a big heart person, he'll find another love soon XP

I feel so-so for this manga. I like the story about Erika who was looking for her brother, but I don't quite like the love story. It's too ordinary and easily guess what will happen next. Plus, I'm quite embarrassed reading the seduction words XDD Noble man!! Oh well, it's a shoujo love manga anyway XP I wish they would tell more about Camus and Liudwig, both are quite interesting character. I'm wondering about Camus past with his unique ability...? There's a hints about that but no continuation :(

Even so, it's a nice story. Maybe I could take the idea on my writings :) I also like the artwork, so soft and give warm feeling just like Shigeru Takao sensei artworks :*

Monday, December 14, 2009

After the party...

Finally I get back from my first end year meeting. It's actually quite fun ^_^
At first I was quite worried since I'm the only newbie there...also I've heard bad rumors about what usually happen at the meeting O_O but, thank God everything went fine and I come home still in one piece XP

I get lots of valuable experiences there. It's true! I've realize my mistakes and weakness and know what should I do as an employee. I realize that I have join a great place with great people. So, I must be very grateful and work hard also serious from now on. It's something I haven't done lately :( I'm so grateful they ask me to attend this meeting from the first day. Not only I get valuable experiences but I also have learn many things about my works and my work place, also some gossip about it's people XP Prejudice can come up by words of people, it did affect me a little, but being a liberal person, I won't take everything for granted. It's just for my guide line in dealing with the people :)

The out bound at the last day of the meeting become the closing event. I could gather around with people I just see and don't know the name XP It's quite fun though my body feel hurt till now.

And now I've back to my works...though it will be quite hard but I know I must change little by little from now on. I must get serious and focused with my works. For the sake of those who believe in me also for the sake of my self :) I remember Mao san once said that his biggest enemy is himself, and I agree with him :) So, ganbarimao my self!! :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

L'Arc~en~Ciel releasing new single

It has been confirmed that on January 27th, 2010, L'Arc~en~Ciel will be releasing brand new single, BLESS. It's also the NHK Vancouver 2010 broadcast theme song. I'm so happy that finally they are releasing something :) It's been long time with no news from them, and this news definitely add the joy I had lately (Kimi's signing for WRC at 2010).

The single preview can be seen at Youtube and it's su~~per su~~goi~~ (I'm imitating Mao ^_^). It's so beautiful and really suit the song theme. I was so touch with the song. Again, a fine and great work from Minna sama!! I'm so happy I can listen to their great work again, such a beautiful and gentle song, along with the sweet music and voice...and when seeing them recording the song together...I might cry....I'm so happy they are back...
Can't wait to see their live performance at Music Station on January 24th, 2010. Maybe I would really cry that time...Minna sama...nothing I can say than my gratitude for having you back...thank you so much..You are really BLESS!!!

And one other thing...tetsu has change his stage performance's "tetsuya" for L'Arc~en~Ciel and "TETSUYA" for solo works. Don't know the reason he's changing his name...then shall the rest follow??

L'Arc~en~Ciel are:
vocal: hideto
bass: tetsuya
guitar: ken
drums: yukihiro

Not quite catchy though... ^_^ Whatever! Though the name has change, I will still call him, "tetsu san" :)

Monday, December 07, 2009


Did I make up my feeling? Nope. Not quite. I still feeling annoyed, upset, and sad. My world is still at the edge and any time can slide down easily. It's up to me whether I keep it that way or let it fall. I choose the first. I choose to continue living though it won't be the same since something important has gone. But, I believe that as long as the same feeling still exist, everything will be fine. I will be fine :)

And for him, I know he will also be fine. He's a strong man, stronger than me, I want to be as strong as him. For me, as long as he feels happy, I will be happy :)

I will also keep supporting him from now on. He will be competing at WRC started next year. I know nothing about the event so I must start to learn the rules and how the race goes.

Everybody said it will be though, but I have this feeling that he's going to be fine. He will make it and surprised everyone. He's a great man indeed. He never give up. He never stop walking and always keep moving forward. He never look back and regret what happen in the past. He has find new dream to achieve, new challenge to do, new journey to begun. And this time also, I will always right beside him :)

Kimi, thank you for being so great. I will keep following you no matter where you go :) Keep on fighting! :)

And so it means...I'm back :)