Thursday, November 05, 2009

Worries after worries

Sigh...things inside my world are quite hard lately. I'm still waiting for news about Kimi's decision for 2010 season. Will he stay or walk away? I don't understand why it takes time like this? What's be the trouble? If it meant to be a surprised, I hope it will be a joyful surprised. I hope Kimi will stayed :(( I can't stand with this depressing feeling. I'm worry...I'm so worry...and confused. I don't know where I must find the answer. Everyday I always check out the news, on the papers and the internet, hope to read something I want to read. None so far. Kimi, I hope you'll give us the decision's so depressing... :((

Then, this morning I read news about Yasu san. He has a trouble with his throat. They said there's a cysts on his vocal cords and it make him suffered. The worst, to heal it he need get through a surgery! What! I've heard the news before when Yasu started his Q.E.D. tour, but I never thought it will be this bad :((

Yasu has decided to take a break in order to heal him self. I haven't know when he'll have the surgery. I can only hope that everything will be fine for him. Fans are sincerely asked to send him letters or email of support or can do it by keep him on our mind. I will absolutely do that! I will be thinking of him so it will reach Yasu and make him stronger. I really hope Yasu will be fine. He's one of the voices in my life..the voice I want to always hear and caress me.

Yasu san, get better soon. I'll pray the very best for your healing.
As for Kimi...please be hurry with the decision...sign the contract, please! XD

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