Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Last but (hopefully) not the least race ~ Abu Dhabi race

Finally...2009 season has reach it's end. The new world champion and constructor has been declared. But, one thing is still uncertain.

I started with the race review. The race was using a brand new circuit of the calender, the Yas Marina Circuit at Abu Dhabi. The circuit was quite futuristic. The race started in the late evening until the sun sets down. Some said it will make the driver having sight difficulty due the sun light that block the drivers view.

Anyway, Kimi started the race from P11th and was doing great at the start of the race. He was pushing hard to move front but sadly he can't go anywhere :(( Thank God everything goes well for Kimi at the race, no trouble at all. If only Kimi can get front position maybe he could be in the podium and succeed giving Ferrari third place on the constructor's championship. In the final round, Kimi finished in 12th place. A disappointing result of course, further more it's the last race he had with Ferrari.

Yes, it is Kimi's last race being Ferrari driver. He won't be driving for the team next year. And the biggest and important question now is where he'll go next year? Mclaren is the strongest suggestion but the deal haven't been signed. I don't know what make the deal took so long..is it from Kimi or Mclaren side? Big noted that there's Hamilton at Mclaren. I believe Hamilton won't be too happy having Kimi as his team mate next year. I don't want Hamilton to be Kimi's team mate too but I would love to see Kimi kicked that Brat ass XD

Sigh...I just hope the final race at Abu Dhabi won't be the final too for Kimi. I've prepared my self from the first time I've heard the news. Even so, it still feel hard. Although I said I would respect Kimi's decision and would follow him where ever he go, but deep inside, for the truth...I want him to stay at F1. It's my only way for now to keep seeing Kimi. Even so, the decision is at Kimi's hand now. It has been 2 days since the race ended and still no news about Kimi's future. I'm waiting impatiently and full worried. I've prepared my self...but I guess I won't be that strong when the worst thing finally happen.

Kimi..I've said it once and will always said it for many times..for you..for better or worst, I will always be with you and support you no matter what happen. I'm a fans of yours, even more..I'm a lover of yours...I love you and pray the very best for you...always...what ever the decision might be..I will always love you..thank you for everything, Kimi. God bless you :)

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