Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kimi said, "Let's wait and see,"

The only comment come from Kimi lately was, "Let's wait and see what happens,". He still hasn't give a sign where he would be next season. I will, Kimi. I will wait and see where you will be next year. But, this waiting is tiring and depressing. Not knowing what would happen or waiting for something to happen is not always feel exciting. Sometimes it can also feel tiring, boring, annoying, and just like I've been say over and over..depressing. I'm quite depressed, Kimi!! When will you have your answer..? Wouldn't be nice to go on holiday after you decided where you will be next year? I would do so :)

Sigh...I know I can't predict Kimi's behavior, what he'll do or what he'll going to say, also what's on his mind. Kimi is mysterious and everything about him is also mysterious. But, that's the fun thing about him. Because Kimi is different with common people, he's so unique and special. And cause of that...I can't tell what will be his decisions...this time I even don't have any guessing..or maybe I was afraid to guessing..guessing but then the real thing doesn't goes like I wanted. That's why I'm feeling afraid like now....

Yes, Kimi, I only can wait and see...wait for your decision and see where you will be...it's depressing I know but..I will do it for you :)

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