Wednesday, November 18, 2009

God damn blood suckers!

Finally it happens...I know this will happen. I've feel it. When people talking this and that, assuming this and that, my heart already has the answer, the one and only answer that has been a reality.

Kimi won't be racing next year.

I've paid too much attention for the news lately. My hopes are rising so high. I'm lying to my self. I don't want to accept the truth and hope to see something else to happen, not the truth, it will be great if my hopes really happen, but I should have know it...I should have accept the truth rather than lying to my self and get hurt even deeper. I'm hurt now.

I won't see Kimi next year.

And the worst...that bloody suckers has take Kimi's righteous place! The bloody suckers that I hate the most!! They have been my nightmares and now they are also for Kimi! I hate them more now! Cursed on them! I hate them!!!! I hate myself for writing about them here..they don't deserve it! Go away you blood suckers! Even hell doesn't worthy for you to stay!!

I will always love Kimi..forever...though he won't be near...though he won't be here...this love for him will always be his.

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