Monday, November 16, 2009

From comedy to tragedy

It's been so long I haven't continue my writings...miss it so much :(( I realize now it's one of the reason why I feel empty lately..I haven't got the time to write. I'm finishing some short stories now, but with the works I also have, it's quite difficult to do it. Usually I just write it down and edited it later on. cross me. I've write about tragedy more than comedy, though my starting point was on comedy story. I've designed "Anata ga iru kara" as a romance-friendship-family comedy...though now after it finish...there's only a little comedy in it. I don't know since when I've changed my style..maybe since I've read many tragedy mangas. Now the short stories I've been working are also about tragedy or only have small part of comedy in it, and the long story I've been planning to write is about tragedy too...sigh...I really miss writing comedy...

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