Friday, November 06, 2009

Finally it happens XD

Hahaha...I can't hold my self from laughing when I remember what happen today. I was wondering when it will happen, and today it finally happen! I was miss recognized again! And this time it happen when I want to go to the washroom. When I almost enter the girls room, the employee hold me and said, "the mens room is over there,".

I look at her and smile, "You've miss recognize me,"

The employee look surprised so I just leave her like that and get done with my own business there XD From inside the wash room I can hear her saying,

"I'm really sorry, miss,"
"It's alright!" I shout back but can't hold my silence laughter (?)

Hahaha..finally it happens! I always wondering when will someone miss recognize me when I'm going inside the wash'll be fun! And in fact it is fun!! XDD

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