Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yokoso Hyde sama!!

Finally I can say, “Yokoso Hyde sama!!”

HYDE Best Album
1.Made in Heaven
2.It’s Sad
3.Evergreen (dist.)
4.Jesus Christ
6.The Other Side
7.Shining Over You
9.Season’s Call
10.Sweet Vanilla
14.Midnight Celebration
15.Unexpected (dist.)
16.The Cape of Storms
17.Glamorous Sky ~English Version~

I finally have Hyde’s best album which released by the local music company, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia! Thank you so much for releasing the album here! I hope the other will follow soon :)

At first I didn’t know the album has been officially released here. I read it at L’Arc~en~Ciel fans community blog. I thought it was a joke since there’s no official news about the release and also I haven’t seen it at local music store. So, I called my most visited and favorite music store, DUTA SUARA at Ekalokasari Plaza, Bogor. I asked the employee about the album but they said they don’t have it. Then, they offer me to make an order. They will call me when the album is available. So I make an order and then wait. It took maybe almost a month before the call finally came to informed that the CD is available and when do I want to take it. I instantly said, “NOW!” After work I quickly went to the store, hurried with the time for the store to be close, and grab the CD. It’s mine!!! Finally Hyde (best album) is mine XDD

And about the album, the songs are compilation from 3 of Hyde’s previously albums, Roentgen, 666, and Faith. There also singles that not included at those mention albums. There’s only one new song on this best album that is Glamorous Sky which Hyde perform it in English. The song it self is the soundtrack of NANA the Movie which Japanese version was sung by Mika Nakashima. I like Hyde’s version better :)

In general, this is only a compilation of Hyde’s songs. For the truth I don’t like the song’s order at the album. They are weird. One song taste hard rock then the next one was slow, I feel that they only take songs and put it together at the album just like that without rearrange the order. It doesn’t feel nice to hear the songs with the kind of order. And, sadly my most favorite Hyde’s songs doesn’t included at the album, Evergreen and Shallow Sleep. There’s Evergreen though but the distortion one, it’s good but I like the original one. But, I do feel satisfied since I quite like the songs that included on this album, such as, The Other Side; Shining Over You; Season’s Call; Hello; Hideaway; Prayer; The Cape of Storms; and my favorite one Glamorous Sky.

Over all, this is an album consist of Hyde’s best song and a must have album (for me XD). I’m so happy I could have it now! Thank you for Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia for releasing the album here (I hope many would also come soon XD); thank you for L'Arc~en~Ciel Indonesians Fans Page for sharing the information; thank you for DUTA SUARA Ekalokasari Plaza music store for looking out the CD for me; thank you God for having me the money to bought it (I almost broke that time XD); and last thank you for Hyde who has made good songs for me to enjoy. I love your voice so much!

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