Thursday, October 08, 2009

Proud 4th place ~after Suzuka GP~

Feuh..finally I have the time to post my review about Kimi's result at Suzuka GP. I know it's out of date but I want to write it anyway XD

Kimi started the race from P5. Actually, he would start from P8, but several drivers got a yellow flag penalty so Kimi's starting grid has move up. Lucky! ^_^
When the race started, Kimi quickly move to the side of the start line, but the front drivers gathered in one place and block his way to get through. After turn 1, Kimi stayed in 5th place.

The race mostly become round and round again. Even so, Kimi could hold back Barichello, despite his car doesn't have any new development. Kimi has perform quite well during the race and he even make one of the fastest lap of the day! Remember, his car isn't as fast as the others...And also with that kind of speed, Kimi could jumped out Heidfeld at 2nd pit stop. He did! Kimi took 2nd pit stop before Heidfeld and succeed stay in front of Heidfeld after he took his 2nd pit. Awesome strategy! Kimi is in 4th now.

A quite mess accident happen that make Safety Car to come out. Kimi got a chance to overtake Hamilton when the race started again. They were close but not close enough. Only few laps left and I prefer to see Kimi finish in 4th than at the wall. A good choice from Kimi :)

Kimi finished in 4th and I'm so happy with this result. It's better than in Singapore. The weather also nice, even though it's raining during free practice. I'm so happy every thing goes smoothly for Kimi after hard times recently. With all the annoying things around him, he still determinate to give his best for the team. He still drive his best for the team, although he won't be there next year. The news doesn't bother him and surely doesn't make him less motivated. What a man! :) That's why I'm so proud of him. Even though no one won't notice his hard work, but I do. I know Kimi always work hard and always give his best, because he is simply the best. And what ever the decision may come..I will still be the same for him. I've pledge along time ago that, "for better or worse, I'm with you, Kimi," :) This is the pledge for a lifetime :)

Thank you for your hard work Kimi. Love you always.

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