Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Memoriam of Stephen Gately

I was quite surprised to read the news about the death of Stephen Gately, one of the members from BOYZONE. I must admit that I was one of their fans during my Junior High period (XD) and Stephen was my favorite member. What can I say? He’s cute and have a unique voice (I’ve realize now that I always like someone with strange and unique voice). Stephen passed away for still unknown reason at his house in Spain. He was 33 years old, my prayers and deep condolences for him.

My sister also rings me about Stephen death.
She wrote, “Hey, your ex favorite guy has passed away, Stephen Gately,”
I replied, “I know, lost after lost,”
(I write that for another lost that I might have soon *sigh*)

Then she starts talking about Stephen’s sexual interest, about his likeness for man. That Stephen is a gay.

I stare at her and said, “So?”
“I don’t care if he’s a gay. It’s his choice,”

I can see that my sister quite surprised with my words.
Then I quickly realize something.

“It’s not because of he’s gay that I’m not his fans anymore.
It’s because I was done with the Junior High euphoria,”
“And also because now I have Kimi :),”

My sister really surprised with my words. She only said, “Oh my…,”

Well, that’s the truth. I’m not Stephen’s fans no longer isn’t because for the reason that he’s a gay. But, because I’ve found other interest and that is in Japanese music. I don’t mind at all with the fact that Stephen likes man. I know religion prohibited it; even so it’s each person choice and responsibility. I can’t judge him as a bad person or stray one. I can’t say that because I’m also stray in some area XD

Then I also could understand Stephen feeling…since for me, the feeling of love and like doesn’t have to be for opposite gender. Man can like man and so does with the girls. But, personally I choose to be straight :) I don’t mind at all with those who have the feeling for the same gender, again it’s each person choice.

Sate, sayounara Stephen. You will be missed. Thank you for your works when you’re alive. You will always be cherishing. Thank you and goodbye. May God blessing be with you :)

p.s. Face it sis, this is your little sister real identity XD

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