Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday dearest one!

On Saturday, October 17th, 2009 was my happy day. It's my dearest Kimi's birthday!! He's 30 years old now, so old! XP I was so happy so I pledge that I will always smile for the whole day. No matter what happen I won't mourning! I don't want to mourn on my dearest one special day. I want to always smiling and I did! Yatta!!

I've begun the morning by greet his poster on my wall. "Happy birthday, dear kimi,". I smile. Then I wrote a birthday congratulation on book of the season. I came down stair and greet everyone, "happy birthday!". At noon, my brother and I went to bought the birthday cake. I also look for the candles. After we finally reach home, I quickly prepare the cake and take pictures to be post here and some social account I have. I never been so happy like I was that day. I was so motivated and excited! I even sleep with still having the smile on my face XD

The day was the most happiest Kimi's birthday I've ever had! Don't know why, maybe it's because he's 30 years old now? He has grown up! I don't realize it XD If I look back at his old pictures, I could see the changing. Kimi has really change from a young talented boy to a mature and great man! I really didn't realize how he has change. It felt so natural for me :) I'm glad I can celebrate Kimi's birthday this year. It's his biggest birthday! The big 30, they said :)

For his birthday..I pray that he would always be bless by the Mighty One. I pray he will have all the success, joy, love, and happiness. Always be healthy and wealthy in many ways. I pray he will always have the smile on his face. I'm wishing him the very best more than ever now. He deserves it!

Happy birthday Kimi! May you live a long and happy life with people that you care and love. I can't give you anything on your special day, but just a simple prayer and hope, also love that will always forever be yours :) Happy birthday dearest Kimi. I'm so grateful you are here in this world. I'm so grateful to have you in my world. Thank you so much! Love you forever and ever!

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