Friday, October 16, 2009

Eigo ga doushite?

Some friends ask me the reason why I wrote my post in English. Actually there’s no special reason. I’m not intent writing in English so foreigner could read it. I wrote in English because I want to keep practice it. If I don’t practice it frequently, soon it would meet the same fate with my Japanese, stagnant XD I would love to write in Japanese but I still haven’t master it, even now I’m slowly forgetting what I’ve learn…sigh…

For the truth, I love writing in English. My main reason is because non-speaking English around me would be lazy to read it XD and beside of keep practicing it, I quite agree with what Hyde has said. I remember his words when people asked him why he wrote songs in English. That time he said because English has many words to express feeling than in Japanese. I feel the same too. I like English because some words don’t feel cheesy or tawdry to say. That’s why almost all of my writings are in English, don’t care people could understand it or not. Well, I always try to write in the right pattern. So until now, I’m still writing and keep learning.

I think I will keep writing in English for some moment. I would write in Indonesian if I found it difficult to explain what I'm trying to say XD It doesn’t have anything to do with patriotism. I just want to write what I like in any language that I like XD That’s all...It’s just that plain and simple :)

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