Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6th place on fire!

I absolutely think the Brazilian GP was the most thrilling series of this season. This is the first time I felt scared again when watching Kimi's race. Kimi had an incident at pit lane. He's on fire and it was literally mean like that! He was on fire seriously! He got spray by the fuel from Kovalainen's car and the fire came up and burn him!! I was shocked! Though it's just happen for a short time but the feeling last even until now....

What happen really?

Kimi started the race from P5, which is awesome since the qualifying happen under hard rain. As note, other famous drivers started the race from very back of the grid. As the race started, Kimi fly to the front and manage to take 3rd place! (I really love this man!). Then, when he was attempting to overtake Webber on 2nd place, Kimi got hit and lose his front wing. He had to enter the pit quite early for that. Then great accident happen between Sutil and Trulli. It makes Safety Car being deployed. This is a good situation for Kimi, he took the pit stop before Safety Car came out, so he can join back the race with lots of fuel and doesn't get any Safety Car penalty. Then the incident happen...

Kovalainen was also in the pit at the same time with Kimi. When Kimi leaves the pit, Kovalainen does the same but still with the fuel hose attached. The fuel get sprayed everywhere including at Kimi who was right behind him. The flame suddenly came and burn the car!! Kimi look surprised, he let go the steering wheel for a moment before hold it back and drive as if nothing happen! I was shocked and almost cried. How did that could happen?! The reply was on and I can't barely watch it over again, it's too scary to watched! Kimi was being burn alive! Thank God the flame went off quickly by it self and Kimi continued driving as if nothing really happen....

I was completely worried for the whole race. I was waiting for the team confirmation that he was alright. I want to hear his voice saying he was alright. I want to hear the commentator said he was alright. Please someone told me that he was alright! No one said it and I watched the race with high tense. Even so, amazingly Kimi slowly move up his positions. One by one with no one realize it. In the end of the race, he finished in 6th place!! After the trouble at start, the pit incident, and with a very uncompetitive car, he still can take 6th place! Great drive by a great man! Even one of the commentator said he has done a great drive :)

Then after the race, I found out the fact that some fuel was actually get inside Kimi's eyes and even after the race, he still feel his eyes were burning. What!! Go see the doctor then!! What were you doing by talking as if it doesn't feel hurt? Why you keep driving with the pain? Oh dear...why you had to be that great?!! >_< It added my admiration for him again. With the pain, Kimi still drove beautifully with no mistakes and take 6th place. Other driver would just stopped right away! Once someone said about the calmness Schumy had when the same thing happen, then what about Kimi? He's cooler than Schumy!! It was really a scary thing to watched, I was feeling scared even until now when I remember the view. I'm glad Kimi was alright. That's what most important than any points.

Again, Kimi has make me amazed and proud. I'm so proud of him! I should have follow his dignity and hard work. He never surrenders what ever happen. No matter he's in pain, he keep moving forward. What a strong man, what a great man, the greatest one! I will follow you forever!!

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