Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Sins and The Story - ABC Album List

Acid Black Cherry – BLACK LIST

BLACK LIST (20.02.2008)
2.少女の祈り (Shojo no Inori, A Girl's Prayer)
5.愛してない (Aishitenai, I Don't Love You)
6.Bit Stupid
7.楽園 (Rakuen, Paradise)
8.Black Cherry
9.Murder Licence
10.冬の幻 (Fuyu no Maboroshi, Winter's Illusion)
12.Prologue End

It’s Acid Black Cherry first album. At first try, I wasn’t get into it. I don’t know why. But, that time I just think it’s a good music. Then, long after it, I’ve become totally into this album! I don’t know what make me crazy for A.B.C. The music mixed my feelings and flew away my mind. I just love it and never get bored play it from time to time. Yasu’s voice is amazing and the music make me laugh but also head banging.

My Recommended songs:
1.Sins.The first time I listen this song, I think it’s a cool song. I like it but don’t put anymore attention again. But then, it becomes my favorite song in this album. I’m amazed with the music, the words, and with Yasu’s voice. I absolutely love it!! >_<
2.Spell Magic. It’s a great song with a really funny video. The words “don’t judge a book from its cover,” really suited this video. Yasu is so cool (and naughty)!! I don’t fond with naughty man but I’ll only accept Yasu XD He’s fit to be naughty!! XDD Really an awesome video and Yasu! XDD
3.Bit Stupid. What and unique song. The song tells about a man (Yasu of course XD) who was cheating his girl and tries to hide it by making excuses. And the excuses are so funny. The song describe Yasu’s effort to confidence his girl and get away with his little crime. I don’t like man who cheated on his girl, but Yasu make me laugh through this song. Once again, I only accept if the man is Yasu XDD
4.Black Cherry. I was quite surprised when I watched the video. Yasu dress up like a girl! I’m sorry Yasu, but you look weird XD (HYDE fits better XD). But, after he throw his wig and become him self…I was amazed and went, “WHOA!!!” I’ve become more surprised! I enjoyed the music that makes me shake. It’s a fun and exciting video!
It’s a great and awesome work from Yasu! It’s worth to have and listen over and over!

Acid Black Cherry – Q.E.D

Q.E.D. (26.08.2009)
2.cord name【JUSTICE】
3.Jigsaw ~ジグソー Q.E.D. version~
4.罪と罰~神様のアリバイ~ (Tsumi to Batsu ~Kami-sama no Ribai~, Crime and Punishment ~God's Alibi~)
5.眠り姫 (Nemuri Hime, Sleeping Beauty)
6.チェリーチェリー (chieri- chieri-, Cherry Cherry)
7.1954 LOVE/HATE
8.I’m not a ghost
9.優しい嘘 (Yasashii Uso, Tender Lies)
10.黒い太陽 (Kuroi Taiyou, Black Sun)
12.20+∞ Century Boys

It’s the second and newest Acid Black Cherry album. It’s the album that makes me fall in to A.B.C. At first heard, I just love it! I instantly love it! This album make me crazy about A.B.C. and make me cheating on L’Arc~en~Ciel and HYDE ^_^ the music on this album are just awesome, also Yasu’s voice is so amazing. I love his voice! This is one amazing album! I like to hear it over and over.

My recommended songs:
1.Jigsaw ~ジグソー Q.E.D. version~. It’s the English Version from Jigsaw single. It’s a great song, even though I only understand a little of Yasu’s words ^_^ Try to listen it, it make me head shake XD
2.罪と罰~神様のアリバイ~ (Tsumi to Batsu ~Kami-sama no Ribai~, Crime and Punishment ~God's Alibi~). I love the music, also it make me shake right and left XDD
3.眠り姫 (Nemuri Hime, Sleeping Beauty). A sweet and slow song with a very nice video. Each time I heard it I feel so calm as if it flew my mind to the sky.
4.チェリーチェリー (chieri- chieri-, Cherry Cherry). At first, I thought it’s a song for children, with the cute title and a cute voice of a woman. But, I must remember it’s Yasu’s work so…XD Just read the lyric, it’s quite the same with Black Cherry with similar cheerful music with Bit Stupid (both from BLACK LIST album).
5.優しい嘘 (Yasashii Uso, Tender Lies). One of my favorite songs! I love the song and after I watch the video, I also love it! The video is so great and Yasu also look so awesome! The music is great too! Everything is just too great to let passed! The video make me fall even deeper for A.B.C. and I don’t get bored watch the video or play the song over and over. I’m in tears for this song and for many reasons too. I juts love it!!
6.20+∞ Century Boys. My most favorite song! It’s a cheerful and energetic song! The video is also hilarious! I laugh watching “girl” Yasu. But, I don’t blink when A.B.C. show up and play. It’s too awesome! Yasu is so awesome! His move, his voice, his appearance, he’s so damn awesome! This is the best song!! I keep repeating it and always make my head up and down also body shaking for the music. I’m in tears again T _ T

Great and awesome work from Yasu! I never get bored with the songs! I like it all!!


Ángela said...

Might you give me cherry cherry's letter? I need it and do not find pen any web. It does not matter if it is in kanji.
Thanks so much!! ^-^

KiRai said...

Angela-san, thanks for dropping by :)
I've post "Cherry Cherry" lyric. You can see it at "lyrics" tag.
I also link it to the origin site where I get the lyric. There you would find others amazing lyric from A.B.C.

Enjoy!! :)