Monday, September 28, 2009

Round and Round ~ Singapore GP

It's been a round and round race for Kimi at Singapore GP. I've should know that. It's not because of Kimi had to started the race from P13th, but rather because it's a street circuit that overtaking maneuver is hardly to be done, especially when you're at the back of the grid....

Even so, Kimi has started the race with remarkably move, he tried to take some places up front but sadly didn't manage quite well..(I don't like this circuit! >_<). Kimi then managed to overtake Buemi (if I'm not mistaken) and move up one place. Thankfully everything still goes well for Kimi. No trouble with the pit stops also the car, just lack of speed and down force(?). Kimi has predict it will be though at Singapore, especially they no longer develop the car. They are focusing on next year car, which I hope it will be a success (especially if Kimi is still a part of the team!).

In the end, Kimi finished at 10th place. It's quite disappointing result after podiums before this, but I'm quite happy Kimi can finish this series. He doesn't finish last year, so I think this is an improvement ^_^

Next stop is Suzuka...only few days ahead..I hope Kimi will get a lot better result there. Just 3 more races to go and I hope to see Kimi at the podiums as many as I can :) I pray Kimi will have great result on each races left :)

Thank you for your never ending hard work, Kimi. I really cherish it. Always wishing the best for you :) FIGHT!

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